ROSE – A Story of a Woman with A Meek and Quiet Spirit


I’m going to tell you a little story I wrote, based loosely on a woman I met 30 years ago, in the early 1990’s.  She was in her 80’s, and her husband was in his 90’s.  They were an extremely cheerful couple who would always wave to me on my morning walks to the beach.  They lived in a little one-story apartment, and their deck was raised just above sidewalk level. 

Most days I couldn’t chat with them for more than a few seconds because I had to get either to college or to work, but this was a Saturday, so I stopped to talk.  I’ve thought back to her many times over the years, and I know I’ve confused some of what she told me with embellishments of my own making.  So here’s the story, take of it what you will.

May God bless you as you develop a meek and quiet spirit.



  1. Hello Janine, Where is this story? I absolutely love your blog
    much love Maria UK


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