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What to do with Christmas Cards

On January 1 st we place our Christmas cards in a basket, and each morning after our Bible reading, our  child randomly chooses one card and we pray for that person or family.  Eloise Wilkin, illustrator If it is from a coworker we pray for him and all the coworkers by name.   We also put in index cards for elderly people we know that were not able to send out cards.      If a card was from a child, we pray for his family, as well as other families we play with at the park, wherever we know that person from. Then, as we finish, if it is a photo card, we place it in our Christmas album.    If it is a card with a signature (not typed), we cut it out and their message, if any, and glue that into our album.   We usually don’t keep the whole card, just the message, and sometimes part of the card’s picture if really cute or biblical. The result is an album that shows our family and friends’ children growing from year to year, and a scrapbook of actual signatures and