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How to Wake-Up 45 Minutes Earlier

Arthur Sarnoff It is important to change your body’s rhythms – that will take at least one week.  The KEY is that you are changing your NIGHT rhythm while actively changing your MORNING wake-up rhythm.  If you go to bed at midnight or later, your body gets less deep rest.  Every hour you are in bed before midnight is like TWO hours after midnight to your body.  In order to change your rhythm you must know your natural rhythm – how many hours does your body WANT each night – without using an alarm clock to get up, and without forcing yourself to bed at a certain hour?  Mine is 9 hours.  When I worked, I never got 9 hours, so I always had to make up for it on the weekends, which totally ruined most weekends.  My husband also needs 9 hours.  Many people only need 8, or even 7.  Some need 10 or even 11!  You must know this before you can correctly and successfully set your internal alarm clock. You know you have successfully changed your clock when, after even a bad night