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Spreading the Gospel

Do you remember the Bible story about how on Day 6 of the peaceful march around Jericho the authorities told the Israelites, “We are sick of this. If you come back tomorrow, we are going to arrest each and every one of you. STAY HOME!” The Israelites were so chastened by this threat that they all rested on Day 7. Didn’t Saul, soon to be Paul, warn us to give authorities our spiritual rights, and in fact our life, by demanding to be hauled back up the wall after realizing his intended escape was illegal? (Thankfully, he did not.) Isn’t smuggling Bibles into communist countries that ban them illegal and against God’s admonishments to obey those in authority?  Thank you, Voice of the Martyrs, for reminders that we are to obey God’s laws when they conflict with man’s laws.  The first half of this post is based on an old The Voice of the Martyrs brochure by Tom White.  I’m paraphrasing some of their many facts.  There is no requirement for church registration