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FW 5.8 Are you a Leah? Or a Rachel?

Hello, Beautiful Homemakers! The first half of this video I am reading from the original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood pamphlet number 5, the section entitled "Designs that are Alluring" which discusses what kind of clothing catches a man's eye.  During the last half of the video I share a story about two sisters, whom I am calling Leah and Rachel, along with 11 tips for a tomboy to begin to step out of her comfort zone and dip her toe into femininity.  "Makeover" chick-flick movies/books/videos are popular because it really does work. Men are attracted by feminine dress, characteristics, and mannerisms - not by how capable you are at work, or how awesome you are at sports.     It is one thing to be strong and healthy, but another to think that men admire tomboy characteristics.  Few do.  Men find femininity attractive, but this does not mean you need to be a "fainting flower."  A strong body, a lovely spirit, and feminine characteristics are wha

FW5.7: Are you EYE-Catching or MIND-Catching?

I begin with a synopsis of the tv movie The Letters (not Three Letters), and then I move on to the original Fascinating Womanhood pamphlets #5, subtitle "How Little Men Know" (about fabric).  I recap a little bit about what to look for when clothes shopping, but FW5.6 video goes into much more detail about that.  At the end I discuss the easiest way to be MIND-Catching with men, and I mention FW5.2 and FW4.8.  As the movie The Letters plainly shows, it is not enough to simply be Eye-Catching.  You must be MIND-Catching to sustain a marriage relationship. (I also put a joke in the video's pictures - I hope it makes you laugh!) ***** These are the other videos I discuss: FW5.2 Why He Won't Marry You and FW4.8 Why He Didn't Call You Back The clothing video I talk about in the beginning of the video is FW5.6 What to Look For When Clothes Shopping.   Astute viewers of the FW5.7 video may be wondering, "If the wife in The Letters was an FW, then why did h

Almost 60 years together!

 I received a questionnaire back from Margaret.  Lewis died just three months shy of their 60th wedding anniversary.  I wanted to use her wedding picture, but she informed me that they didn't have one!  A good reminder that it isn't about the day - it's about the years that follow the commitment made on your wedding day. I'm so glad that Margaret completed the questionnaire and that we get this peek into their life. May God bless you as you write your own love story, day by day. Janine