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Test e-mail from Janine and what is next

Hello Beautiful Homemakers!  I have been so busy I did not change over my MailChimp feed, dreading it being a problem.  What spurred me on was waking up this morning to the fact that someone bought my old domain name, started a new blog, and then MailChimp sent it out to all of you this morning!  So sorry about that.  It shouldn't happen again.   I'm working hard on my next FW video about why Mrs. Muir is an FW and some added material at the end from the book Daddy Was a Layman, about the author's mother and how she greeted her husband at the door with.... you'll have to listen to find out! :) Thanks for sticking with me, despite my messing up the MailChimp feed. Hopefully no one unsubscribed from it.  Janine UPDATE at 9:05 am - Well, the changeover was "easy" but it didn't work. This e-mail didn't get released at 9 am!  Trying again for 11 am. UPDATE at 10:30 am - I sent you all an e-mail from MailChimp and FORGOT TO LINK THIS BLOG!  Ugh!  Sorry.   Yo

When Queens Ride By

      If life seems HARD, read this story! I discovered this 1926 Agnes Sligh Turnbull short story ten years ago, and periodically I feel the nudge to re-read it.  Even though it is set 100 years ago, it freshly portrays what seasoned homemakers know, and what many younger women just starting families may have never been told.  Societal attitudes in general may have changed, but the basic needs, wants, and values of people haven’t.  Life is always hard, no matter the decade, and our choices on how we spend our days working matters greatly.  Illustration is by Arthur Sarnoff, Love Story . When Queens Ride By Written by Agnes Sligh Turnbull in 1926 J ennie Musgrave woke at the shrill rasp of the alarm clock as she always woke—with the shuddering start and a heavy realization that the brief respite of the night’s oblivion was over. She had only time to glance through the dull light at the cluttered, dusty room, before John’s voice was saying sleepily as he said ever