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Home Comforts

Image   A Prayer for a Little Home God, send us a little home  to come back to when we roam. Wooden floors and fluted tiles, wide windows, a view for miles. Red firelight and deep chairs, small white beds upstairs. Great talk in little nooks, soft colors, rows of books. One picture on each wall, not so many things at all. God, send us a little ground, tall trees stand ’round. Homely flowers in fertile sod, overhead, thy stars, O God. God bless thee when winds blow, Our home and all we know.     ~ Florence Bone I moved into a cluttered home (and brought lots with me) which I wrote about here: .   I’ve been moving the clutter out for 9 years now.   Now the layer that is being removed is the baby-stage equipment, toys and clothes.   But I still need encouragement and know-how, and Cheryl Mendelson has helped me run my home better. Inspiring Quotes from Hom