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Stuffication! Thoughts and Books on Decluttering.

Decluttering happens in layers.  Thirteen years ago our house was so stuffed from inherited items that we had no space, and the fixer-upper house we had was a bit dismal. Then we had a baby.  First borns come with a lot of stuff! Through concentrated effort I was able to remove all the stuff we didn't use regularly into one bedroom and one large patio room, plus storage over the garage. Layer one was gone through.  We could breathe again. Then two more grandparents went to heaven.  We received a truck load of furniture and stuff.  Beautiful stuff, that brought back memories.  It was so hard to let go of my grandmother's rocking chair.  The extra tv. The china. The fridge magnets. The "good" (unused) towels. Despite letting many things go, we managed to refill all the empty places. I kept going forward with my routines of caring for baby and cleaning.  I stayed out of thrift stores, but not consignment baby stores!  I'd drop off a load and bring home

Wife, or Mistress?

Awhile ago I went to an outdoor spa and resort with a vivacious, outgoing, and beautiful friend. Arthur Sarnoff She was also a big flirt.  I was used to her coy behavior, but that day I cringed at her flirtatious ways.   I was embarrassed by all of the men's remarks to her. But one man was surprisingly honest...and hurtful. When she batted her lashes and cooed, "But would you marry me?"...fully expecting his answer to be a flirtatious "Yes!", he instead laughed and replied, "Marry you?  No, I would not marry you.  I would marry your friend.  She would be a good wife.  You would be a great mistress." Shocked, she exited the pool and I found her in the locker room crying, "I am not wife material!  I am mistress material!  That is why my boyfriends don't marry me!  Why can't I find a good man?" Good men, and good women, are to be found the right places.  Do you really want to meet your man in a bar? My mate wo