Wife, or Mistress?

Awhile ago I went to an outdoor spa and resort with a vivacious, outgoing, and beautiful friend.
Arthur Sarnoff

She was also a big flirt.  I was used to her coy behavior, but that day I cringed at her flirtatious ways.   I was embarrassed by all of the men's remarks to her.

But one man was surprisingly honest...and hurtful.

When she batted her lashes and cooed, "But would you marry me?"...fully expecting his answer to be a flirtatious "Yes!", he instead laughed and replied, "Marry you?  No, I would not marry you.  I would marry your friend.  She would be a good wife.  You would be a great mistress."

Shocked, she exited the pool and I found her in the locker room crying, "I am not wife material!  I am mistress material!  That is why my boyfriends don't marry me!  Why can't I find a good man?"

Good men, and good women, are to be found though...in the right places.  Do you really want to meet your man in a bar? My mate would never have met me there….and I would never have found him there. 

To young working women:  Be careful of how you act.  Be mindful of how you dress.  Watch your language.  When I worked and had lunch downtown, there was one year when I couldn't tell office working women from the street working women, because leather skirts, low cut tops,  and ugly thigh high boots were the fashion.   Men who are looking to get married and have a family do not want easy women.  (And yes, these men still exist.)

Set a higher standard.  Value yourself.  Don't give in to sleazy fashion.  Don't just go with the crowd.  Set yourself apart.  

Realize that there are two types of men:  Those who want wives, and those who want mistresses.  Don't be the mistress!  Ask any woman who was the mistress, and then the wife, why she is now divorced.  Because he found a new mistress.  

Magazines portray the mistress life as full of fun.  But it isn't.  It leads down a dark road, and you get none of the blessings.  

A marriage that includes the Trinity is filled with blessings a mistress will never get.

Choose your male friends carefully.  Because friends become boyfriends, and boyfriends become husbands.  

Choose well!


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