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From Christmas Chaos to Christmas CALM

Priscilla Poynter I spent many, many years unorganized. After reading countless books and decluttering, I just had my best Christmas ever, even though I was ill Dec. 21 & 22.  I had NO STRESS.  Everything was on schedule! Let me share with you the four steps I took to move from Christmas Chaos to Christmas Calm : 1)  Write up, then type up, your Christmas Countdown .   This is what MY list looks like: Christmas Countdown January Buy Christmas cards for next year (I do actual Christmas cards, not photo cards).   Go to post office and buy Christmas stamps (I did this today, and saved myself the postage increase happening Jan. 21, 2018)  Shop online for after-Christmas sales - Christmas themed items for next Christmas (it can be gifts, partyware, decor, wrapping paper, etc.) Place large empty box or Christmas bag into closet for gifts bought throughout the year, with post-it note for who it is for, or you will forget! Type up Christmas card list and

How to Thrive on One Income

Is the desire of your heart to be at home with your children? Are you on the fence about coming home because you don’t see how it could possibly work?   Do you not have children, but desire to be a homemaker just the same? Are you already at home but need help in making ends meet? Every woman has financial concerns about coming home and surviving on only her husband’s income.   It is scary to contemplate…your heart will begin to pound as you prepare your budget and realize that there is absolutely no way to make ends meet on only one income…but you WANT to be at home! A book full of encouragement, Janine has given you straight-forward guidelines, and financial principles found in the Holy Bible.    She shares her action plan of over 125 little steps to help you gather your courage, step out in faith, and successfully thrive on one income! Take delight in the Lord ,   and He will give  you your heart’s desires.   Psalm 37:4 “Do you have a higher calling