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QUIT...and I'll give your husband a better job

Living on One Income - The Prequel Comment: "We aren’t living in luxury! We don’t have a large home, we don’t drive luxury cars, our kids are in public school, we don’t have maid service, and we don’t even go on vacations! There is no way we could make it on my husband’s income, but I WANT to be home!   What do I do?" Over a decade ago I read an article by Patricia Chadwick called “Leading Me Home”.   Patti has graciously allowed me to share a snippet of it here, and the majority of the article is in my book How to Thrive on One Income . This article was so encouraging to me! “While we didn't live an extravagant lifestyle, my husband's wage was low, and his work was seasonal. In my mind, there was no way I could quit my job. Over and over again I would feel the Lord prompting me to become a homemaker. I would hear Him speak to me when I read the Bible. I would hear His voice when I heard a sermon. In my time of prayer and devotions, I would feel Him promptin