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August with Bettina

This month is another long read, for Bettina is going to a wedding, the circus, and having lots of people over! So make yourself some iced tea or lemonade, sit back with a pen and paper and plan some menus with the perfect homemaker, Bettina.  (June and July can be found over at my main blog .  I will be publishing each successive month with Bettina the first week of each month over at ) Twenty little jelly-glasses, twenty pots of jam, Twenty jars of pickles and preserves, Making other wealth than this appear a stupid sham,—— Ah, you dears! What color, gleam and curves! CHAPTER XXIX BETTINA PUTS UP FRUIT “Bettina, O, Bettina! We’ve come to get you to play tennis with us this morning. You must! You’ve been neglecting us for Bob and we’re jealous.” “Oh, girls, I simply can’t! I have just bought quarts and quarts of cherries and currants of a boy who came to the door, and I must take today to put them up!” “That’s