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From Christmas Chaos to Christmas Calm   Ooh, I wish I had a fireplace. I hope you have been enjoying Autumn breezes and colors, if you are in the northern hemisphere, and are ready to begin planning for the most wonderful time of the year EARLY this time. Don’t you just love this picture? I want my house to be this festive, snugly warm, peaceful, and beautiful…that’s why I wish I had a fireplace! At least I’ve got the cat, the hardwood floors, and the sunset. This is the week to begin in earnest! Your goal: Have Christmas presents bought and wrapped before Thanksgiving. Why? So that you can enjoy the entire month of December and just have fun! This year is the first year I don’t have any ideas for anyone , although I do have a few gifts bought that I saw earlier in the year. So the next three weeks will be key to having a stress-free and fun December. When my husband mentioned he’d like to take our now 16 yo son to Disneyland before he gets out on his own, I