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Planning Ahead for Winter Colds and Flu

This is Part 4 of “Organized Women Do THIS for Christmas!” Eloise Wilkin, Illustrator When I worked outside the home I was always sick either right before Christmas or right afterwards, and I know it was the stress.  But many times our children or husband brings home a cold or the stomach flu, and sometimes we just pick up something while out grocery shopping. In 2018 we had a fever and chills run through the family, and I was in bed on December 21 and 22.  Yet that was my first completely stress-free Christmas because I was DONE.  Everything on my list had been accomplished, so it was no big deal to just lie in bed until I felt better.  Within 24 hours I was fine. (See post From Christmas Chaos to Christmas Calm .) Now I am not a doctor, and some of these are only folk remedies, but this is what I do to prepare for colds and flu, because once you are sick, it is too late to run to the store! I make sure that these 3 things are done year round: Our bathroom is

Sending Christmas Cards and Making a Christmas Binder

This post is a continuation of Organized Women Do THIS for Christmas! This is Part 3. Problem #7) Sending out Christmas Cards is Stressful Do you like receiving cards from distant family and old friends who have moved away? Do you display the cards? Then you are probably in the camp of people who have no trouble sending out cards – because you value the connection that Christmas card greetings give. Yes, you can e-mail, but Christmas cards are special. Could you not care less if you receive any cards? Do you not take the time to display the cards you receive? Do you toss the cards and pictures practically upon receipt? Then you probably don’t send any cards out. This post is for the women in the middle. You like receiving cards, but getting them out is so stressful for you. Choosing the card, the picture of the children, gathering addresses, getting stamps, writing a photocopied letter or a personalized note. Oftentimes you will start…buy the cards, eve