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Our Child...Our Bed?

In my view, we have done a radical thing.   We have moved our child’s bed into our bedroom. photo credit Many women are screeching right now.   But we are getting a fantastic night’s sleep!   Deep sleep.   Contented sleep.   No waking up in the middle of the night sleep.   No little footsteps padding into our bedroom and snuggling into bed with us. It all started with a nightmare, that our boy still tells in great detail.   Or did it start with the big boy bed?   My sweet husband, when our child first crawled into bed with us at age 3, said, “I don’t get to see him enough during the day.   I want to snuggle him.”   I told him he’d regret it.   He swears he didn’t regret it, but he was getting tired of being whacked in the face with a stray arm, and kicked in the side to warm little toes.   He would joke that he was going to put his bed in our closet so that he could get a good night’s sleep. But that got my mind jumping.   Why not?   Why not give up the tiny sitting