When I was a child I had a book called Fortunately . The past few weeks my life has been mimicking the spirit of this book.  Fortunately I had a whole week off in which to record videos!  Unfortunately my computer crashed and I was unable to record, edit, and upload any. Fortunately my son was able to diagnose, repair, and recover all my data!  Unfortunately my week was just about over.   Fortunately I was able to record one video!  Unfortunately I don't have time to edit it. I will be at VBS this week, next week I'm dog sitting, the following week I have to call in for jury duty and the 4th week we are doing a whole house clean out.  Fortunately my son will be graduating homeschool on July 4th!  Unfortunately we still have 3 more weeks of school left.  Fortunately I've got playlists you can listen to! You can get caught up with the original Fascinating Womanhood series , or listen to the story Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood , or clean and cook while listening to the best

FW 5.9 Hair - Your Halo of Loveliness

  In this video I begin by reading from Pamphlet 5 of the original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood pamphlets.  The section is called "What the Hair Should Do." I tell a few stories and reveal what I discovered in my research about: Lint on your hairbrush How many times should you brush? Hairspray can clog your ________! How to properly brush your hair Best hairbrushes Oily hair, dry hair and split ends Washing brushes How often should you shampoo? Warning signals that you need a shampoo immediately Should you brush before shampooing? What temperature should the water be? What is the most important part when washing your hair? Lather, rinse, repeat? Should I use a creme rinse, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, protein conditioner, or deep conditioner? Should our hair be squeaky clean? What should you do if you have hard water? Vinegar rinse:  1/2 cup vinegar to 1 quart water Distilled water? The best way to dry your hair The good and bad about towel turbans Tangles Sun damaged hai

Grocery Price List Comparison Chart between Ralphs and Stater Bros.

Hello, Beautiful Homemakers!  Part of being a homemaker is being a frugal shopper.  One EASY way to do this is to take your grocery receipts from your two favorite stores and compare them.  Grocery prices are so high these days that this is a must.   I decided to alphabetize my groceries by brand in most cases, but not all.  It's by whatever I would think to look up first (soup? or Progresso Soup?).  F&V stands for Fruits and Vegetables.  I want them grouped all together on my list, just like I want Frozen items all together on my list.  I am comparing Ralphs (Kroger) and Stater Bros.  In some cases, only Stater Bros has an item, such as Dole Mango Orange Juice.  In other cases, only Ralphs has the item I want, like Western Hearth Wheat Bread.  If both stores have the item, I've occasionally highlighted the store with the cheapest price.   Now, every once in awhile, the list doesn't work.  This happened to me last December.  I went to SB in the morning and bought everyt