FW 5.8 Are you a Leah? Or a Rachel?

Hello, Beautiful Homemakers! The first half of this video I am reading from the original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood pamphlet number 5, the section entitled "Designs that are Alluring" which discusses what kind of clothing catches a man's eye.  During the last half of the video I share a story about two sisters, whom I am calling Leah and Rachel, along with 11 tips for a tomboy to begin to step out of her comfort zone and dip her toe into femininity.  "Makeover" chick-flick movies/books/videos are popular because it really does work. Men are attracted by feminine dress, characteristics, and mannerisms - not by how capable you are at work, or how awesome you are at sports.     It is one thing to be strong and healthy, but another to think that men admire tomboy characteristics.  Few do.  Men find femininity attractive, but this does not mean you need to be a "fainting flower."  A strong body, a lovely spirit, and feminine characteristics are wha

FW5.7: Are you EYE-Catching or MIND-Catching?

I begin with a synopsis of the tv movie The Letters (not Three Letters), and then I move on to the original Fascinating Womanhood pamphlets #5, subtitle "How Little Men Know" (about fabric).  I recap a little bit about what to look for when clothes shopping, but FW5.6 video goes into much more detail about that.  At the end I discuss the easiest way to be MIND-Catching with men, and I mention FW5.2 and FW4.8.  As the movie The Letters plainly shows, it is not enough to simply be Eye-Catching.  You must be MIND-Catching to sustain a marriage relationship. (I also put a joke in the video's pictures - I hope it makes you laugh!) ***** These are the other videos I discuss: FW5.2 Why He Won't Marry You and FW4.8 Why He Didn't Call You Back The clothing video I talk about in the beginning of the video is FW5.6 What to Look For When Clothes Shopping.   Astute viewers of the FW5.7 video may be wondering, "If the wife in The Letters was an FW, then why did h

Almost 60 years together!

 I received a questionnaire back from Margaret.  Lewis died just three months shy of their 60th wedding anniversary.  I wanted to use her wedding picture, but she informed me that they didn't have one!  A good reminder that it isn't about the day - it's about the years that follow the commitment made on your wedding day. I'm so glad that Margaret completed the questionnaire and that we get this peek into their life. May God bless you as you write your own love story, day by day. Janine

A Meek and Quiet Spirit

My videos usually drop on Monday mornings at 7:30 am. Then I put this post together and it is e-mailed to you on Fridays.  Most of what is written below is a transcript of the video, but the last 5 minutes of the video are not included.  I've done the transcript for those of you who want to look up the verses, or read along.      We are certainly not encouraged to be “meek and quiet” today.  We are no longer encouraged to be “sweet.” We rarely see little girls who look “precious” in their dress and demeanor. I just heard the most disgusting commercial where adults were singing a song that children were striking poses to with their arms crossed and a pout on their faces, to the words, “No one’s going to tell ME what to do!” And I just read these names of lipsticks in an old beauty book; these are real lipstick names from the 1980’s and 90’s: Flirt, Gas, Trailer Trash, Lust, Roach, Rat, Asphyxia, and Pleasure/Pain. Why not have lipsticks called “Disgust,” “Dog Poop” o

51 Years, 1 month, and 1 day

The first questionnaire for people married over 50 years has come back, and fittingly, it was from my own mother! During the latter part of the video I share what I read at their 50th Wedding Anniversary party. I hope you enjoy this video and that it encourages you. May God bless you in your marriage, or in your search for a spouse. Janine

FW5.6 What to Look For When New Clothes Shopping

 Hello, Beautiful Homemakers!  In the video I begin by answering the question, "What if my best color is BROWN?" and I end with a comment from listener Marianne. I also mention what will help keep your clothes and shoes smelling fresh after you've worn them, when they aren't dirty enough yet to be washed, by spritzing them with the cheapest ________ that you put into a spray bottle. HUES are main colors, such as primary colors (Red, Blue, Yellow) that you get without mixing in any white or black. TINTS have white added to the hue color. TONES have gray added to the hue color. SHADES have black added to the hue color. I discuss how grouping your clothes by color on your bed makes it easier to see the different tints, tones, and shades of your clothing colors.  Does one stand out as not matching the rest? When I did this, I immediately noticed that the shirt second from the left on the first row did not match with all of my other purples.  It was the only shirt that had

Rainy Day Homemaking Storytime

  Sometimes it's fun to have stories to inspire us in our homemaking. I've found that when I read old children's books I can always apply something I've learned from them. Sometimes I use them for lunch or dinner suggestions!  These 5 short stories are from The Golden Book of 365 Stories, A Story for Every Day of the Year by Kathryn Jackson, with pictures by Richard Scarry. They teach us about:  Taking time to PLAY cards or board games with your children  Working side by side with your children around the home, and in the kitchen  Baking cookies for (or with) your family  Doing kind things for others, especially for your family members  Looking on the bright side of life, and  Smiling!  Your good attitude is one of the most important things in life! Enjoy listening while you: Make your bed Make lunch or dinner Wash dishes, and then  GO PLAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN! If you don't have children, then do something really nice for someone else, or take some time for

FW5.5 How the Clever Girl Selects Her Clothes

Image Opening picture of man carrying a woman over the stream is by Francis Marshall. First we discuss, from Pamphlet 5, How the Clever Girl Selects Her Clothes :  "...what you must have is apparel that will never let people forget that you are a woman, that is as unlike what the men themselves wear as it can be..."  and then we discuss How to Select Your Colors and Styles .  What was true 100 years ago is still true today!  NOTE that the pictures I have chosen do not "perfectly" illustrate what we are discussing.  Finding pictures is the hardest part of doing these videos.  I think in future I will just let you use your imagination!  :) Next, we move onto the section entitled Clothes that Win the Admiration of Men. Why is it impossible to keep up with the latest fashions and trends?     What should you be focused on?   Fast fashion is on a _____ week cycle.   Focus on the ___________ and _____________ that ________

FW5.4 Dress Better for your "Right Now" Body

  We also discuss Pamphlet 5, of the original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood pamphlets: Putting Dainty Girlishness into Apparel   If you are struggling with a negative body image, may I suggest listening to Laura Acuna over at Still Becoming. She doesn't have a large following on YT, but she does on other venues. I'm linking to her first video podcast on YT which explains her journey .    (I don't mention her on my video, because I just now remembered her.)     "Laura Acuña began life as a ‘skinny girl’ but gained 100 pounds in one year at the young age of 11. From that time on, she lived on the diet and body image roller coaster, which never led to permanent weight loss or freedom from the pain she was numbing with food. Instead, she picked up a lifetime of broken thinking about herself, her God, and what His definition of freedom truly means. Thankfully, over the past few years, Laura has been on the healing path. S

The Appearance that Fascinates, and the "Huggable" Dress (FW 5.3)

Image We also go over "The Test for Clothes"  The impression you make in an outfit is more important than the apparel itself. Too many women attach too much importance to the piece of clothing (how cute it is, the color, the material, or the label ) than to how they themselves look in it.  You must put aside the beauty of the apparel itself, and see if it fulfills the requirements of Angela-Human in you. Does the garment help you in this quest, or hinder you? Does it help you act the part, or does it repel men?  Clothes that look darling on your best friend (or aunt) may look sickly on you!  Be sure to visit and take the color quiz to find out what looks best on you!   Also watch The Art of Color @AlexandrasGirlyTalk She begins discussing color theory about 2 minutes in, and it is the best video I have seen so far on the subject (and I watched too many!).    If you haven't yet watched it, watch The Enchanted C

Why Won't He Marry You? (FW 5.2)

  Harry Anderson, Illustrator Trigger warning :   Total honesty can be brutal to sensitive people.   This commentary is not meant to hurt your feelings.   It is meant to open the eyes of women truly wondering why they aren’t yet married.   This may help some women.   I have been “stowing away” tidbits of information about what the majority of men think about women, but won't tell them to their faces, for about 6 years now. It fits in amazingly with the 100 year old book (the original 8 pamphlets of Fascinating Womanhood ) that I am reading to my listeners. If you want to print out this worksheet, hit the 'share' icon and e-mail the page to yourself. Then print out the e-mail. At the beginning of my video, I mention that I saw a short video of a woman slowly comprehending why men won’t marry her.   (Note that the pictures used in the video are NOT of the actual women mentioned in the stories.) What reasons did she giv

Mrs. Muir - An Ideal, Fascinating Woman

There is A LOT happening in this video! I cover many topics of FW in a short span of 36 minutes. Traits of an Ideal Woman are discussed using pictures from the 1947 movie “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” during the first half of the video.    Lucy Muir: Was Feminine, Elegant, and dressed well She has a Worthy Character She was a Domestic Queen She was a good mother She is child-like (but not childish) She understands men She was quiet and trusting She had inner happiness She is adored She shows her man admiration She states her beliefs, that align with her worthy character She allows men to help her, lead, and guide She is considerate and unselfish And yet she pleases herself by taking care of her own physical and psychological needs She is not a martyr She is gracious She is joyful and displays radiant happiness   - she laughs, smiles, and is carefree She has radiant health She is thankful and grateful  The Superior Wife Syndrome book is by Carin R