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Working Towards Contentment

Calm.   Peaceful.   Happy.   Content . Happy Family 1955 Eloise Wilkin No more mad morning dashes out the front door. No more being late to work. No more snapping at the kids. No more schedule rearranging. No more sick days. No more melt-downs in the mornings. No more, “Who is picking up the kids today?” No more, “Who will pick up dinner?” No more, “Who will stay with the sick child?” No more, “Not now, I’m working.” How would your life change? He begged her to stay home.   She didn’t feel adequate.   She couldn’t accept his care of her.   She feared abandonment.   “What will it take?” he asked.   She jokingly replied, “A Porsche Cayenne.”   Within a week he had one delivered and demanded she resign.   He told her that he and the kids desperately needed her to be at home.   The chaos and negativity of her job was destroying their home life.   She quit, and the above was her partial list of what changed.   Does your husband really want you to work?  It