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How to Clean Up Your Own Credit File

A. Sarnoff In 1995 I was saddled with my own debt AND debt that wasn't mine - stolen info, fraud, etc.  In 1997 my roommate taught me how to clean up my credit.  I did what she said, and, at the same time, I paid off my OWN stupid debt!   It took me two years.  In 1999 I bought my first home.  In 2014 I became 100% debt-free.  You can do it, too!  One year from now you will wish you began TODAY!   So do it! You can read about how to do this in my book, How to Thrive on One Income.   Or you can subscribe to my new website and receive the first 5 chapters of my book for free, including the chapter on how to clean up your own credit file.   Thanks!