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Mom's Famous Sayings - Complete the Sentence

I did this complete the sentence "quiz" last mother's day and everyone had a lot of fun.  Feel free to copy and paste and make your own version for mother's day.   (A. Sarnoff) If you don't stop, your face will _________.  I only have two ______________! Let me ______________ it and make it better. Go ask your _______________. Because I ______________. Because I'm your ______________. Get your hair out of your ____________. Eat it, it's ______________________. Don't put that in your ______________; you don't know where it's been! I don't care who _______________. If all your friends _________________, would you do it, too? You call that _____________? Clean your plate, there are ______________________. ______________ doesn't grow on trees. Don't ever forget that _________________________. You'll always be my _____________________. Possible answers (if giving away priz