Mom's Famous Sayings - Complete the Sentence

I did this complete the sentence "quiz" last mother's day and everyone had a lot of fun.  Feel free to copy and paste and make your own version for mother's day.  
(A. Sarnoff)
  1. If you don't stop, your face will _________. 
  2. I only have two ______________!
  3. Let me ______________ it and make it better.
  4. Go ask your _______________.
  5. Because I ______________.
  6. Because I'm your ______________.
  7. Get your hair out of your ____________.
  8. Eat it, it's ______________________.
  9. Don't put that in your ______________; you don't know where it's been!
  10. I don't care who _______________.
  11. If all your friends _________________, would you do it, too?
  12. You call that _____________?
  13. Clean your plate, there are ______________________.
  14. ______________ doesn't grow on trees.
  15. Don't ever forget that _________________________.
  16. You'll always be my _____________________.

Possible answers (if giving away prizes YOU need to determine which answer you will accept as correct; sayings vary in different parts of the country/world)   
Mother is MY
pin-up girl!
(A. Sarnoff)
  1. Freeze or stay that way
  2. Hands
  3. Kiss
  4. Father
  5. I said so
  6. Mother
  7. Mouth or face
  8. Good for you
  9. Mouth
  10. Started it or said so or is going or they are
  11. Jumped off a cliff 
  12. Music or clean
  13. Starving children
  14. Money
  15. I Love You
  16. Baby / Boy / Girl / little angel
Happy Mother's Day!


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