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Looking for a Sign?

Do you know that a great many women say to God, “Just show me a sign that you want me to keep this baby.”  OR  “God, help me.  Just show me a sign of what you want me to do!” On the way to my doctor’s office, I passed a home that had a sign that caught my eye.  It showed an ultrasound picture of a fetus with the word “ME” under it, and beside it was a picture of the born baby with the words “Still Me” under it, and “Choose Life!”  What a sign!   (By the way, fetus is the Latin word for baby or offspring, so yes, a fetus is a baby. ) What if every pro-life family had a sign like this in front of their house? STOP:  What have you done today to help protect the unborn? That was the message that greeted me when I opened my mailbox upon coming home from the doctor’s office.  It was on the envelope of a pregnancy center we help support. Inside the envelope was a beautiful picture of a tiny baby and a Thomas Jefferson quote:  The chief purpose of government is to prot