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The Fascinating Origins of the Enneagram

The book The Sacred Enneagram was requested as a Christmas present. I bought it and flipped through it and noticed the section entitled, The Contested History of the Enneagram .  Contested?  As in Questioned?  Challenged?  Disputed?  Yep.  So I did some research on this contested history and here are the parts that the author, Christopher Heuertz, left out: The enneagram first came into being from George Gurdjieff, an esoteric teacher. Scholars have verified this. He died on 10-29-1949. That means it isn’t ancient.  For decades there were no words attached to this design . He wrote that it was a diagram of “cosmic reality” – that you could see the universe in it because it had mystical meanings (nothing to do with personality tests or types). The second person to promote it was his mentee, P.D. Ouspensky.  Just the design.  These two made up meanings to go with the design during dinner parties.  Ouspensky wrote about Gurdjieff’s ideas (which he called The Fourth

Having a Vision for HOME

Being home has an impact on our children.  It provides them with a feeling of stability and security.  We teach them manners, character, our Christian values, what the Bible says, and how to live and spend our time.  With the internet, they need more watching than ever before, at all ages.  Long hours of time at home teaches them to be content, gives them time to dream, and models for them how a Christian home functions differently than the rest of the world.  We teach them how to care for the family home by doing chores with them.  We teach them how to be cheerful, and to be content with what the Lord provides.  We teach them financial principles.  We teach them how to make the most of what we have.  We bake with them, and teach them how to cook.  We kiss them, and we play games with them.  We read to them, and pray with them.  We are needed at home. God called me to be a homemaker and I love to be at home.  Our house feels like a home.  Rooms are used and feel pleasant (thoug

I Unintentionally Read 10,000 Books to my Preschooler

Without trying to, and without even realizing I had done so, I read over 10,000 books to my preschooler in two years! People often commented on my young son’s vocabulary and maturity when we were at stores, the library, and offices, and if they heard him read anything, they would remark on his skill level and reading style – the ability to the change each character’s voice properly with no stumbling over words or who was speaking, voice inflections, and enthusiasm. My brother eventually asked me, “What did you DO?  He’s 5 and reading at a third grade level!”  By 8 he was at an 8 th grade level, and at 13, he was reading at the college level. I answered, “I just read to him.  A lot.  Hours every day.” “How many books do you have in your house?” “I don’t know.  Let’s count them.”  We estimated 6,000 (and I have a small house, but there are several bookcases in every room). “But surely these aren’t the books you read to him?” “No, not all.  Not yet, anyways.” I rel