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Rainy Day Homemaking Storytime

  Sometimes it's fun to have stories to inspire us in our homemaking. I've found that when I read old children's books I can always apply something I've learned from them. Sometimes I use them for lunch or dinner suggestions!  These 5 short stories are from The Golden Book of 365 Stories, A Story for Every Day of the Year by Kathryn Jackson, with pictures by Richard Scarry. They teach us about:  Taking time to PLAY cards or board games with your children  Working side by side with your children around the home, and in the kitchen  Baking cookies for (or with) your family  Doing kind things for others, especially for your family members  Looking on the bright side of life, and  Smiling!  Your good attitude is one of the most important things in life! Enjoy listening while you: Make your bed Make lunch or dinner Wash dishes, and then  GO PLAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN! If you don't have children, then do something really nice for someone else, or take some time for

FW5.5 How the Clever Girl Selects Her Clothes

Image Opening picture of man carrying a woman over the stream is by Francis Marshall. First we discuss, from Pamphlet 5, How the Clever Girl Selects Her Clothes :  "...what you must have is apparel that will never let people forget that you are a woman, that is as unlike what the men themselves wear as it can be..."  and then we discuss How to Select Your Colors and Styles .  What was true 100 years ago is still true today!  NOTE that the pictures I have chosen do not "perfectly" illustrate what we are discussing.  Finding pictures is the hardest part of doing these videos.  I think in future I will just let you use your imagination!  :) Next, we move onto the section entitled Clothes that Win the Admiration of Men. Why is it impossible to keep up with the latest fashions and trends?     What should you be focused on?   Fast fashion is on a _____ week cycle.   Focus on the ___________ and _____________ that ________