FW5.5 How the Clever Girl Selects Her Clothes


Opening picture of man carrying a woman over the stream is by Francis Marshall.

First we discuss, from Pamphlet 5, How the Clever Girl Selects Her Clothes:

 "...what you must have is apparel that will never let people forget that you are a woman, that is as unlike what the men themselves wear as it can be..."

 and then we discuss How to Select Your Colors and Styles.  What was true 100 years ago is still true today! 

NOTE that the pictures I have chosen do not "perfectly" illustrate what we are discussing.  Finding pictures is the hardest part of doing these videos.  I think in future I will just let you use your imagination!  :)

Next, we move onto the section entitled Clothes that Win the Admiration of Men.

Why is it impossible to keep up with the latest fashions and trends? 


What should you be focused on?


Fast fashion is on a _____ week cycle.


Focus on the ___________ and _____________ that ______________ your body shape,  and the _______________ that look best with your ____________ ______________.


Just because a certain style or color is in fashion, doesn’t mean that YOU should wear it!


Clothes are made to make the suppliers __________________.  They are not made to make you ______________ ___________________.  That is your job!  And there is no need to ________________ ______________ everyone else.


Clothes should ____________________ your nature and his.


The most feminine shape is the ____________ _____________ _______________, and that is how our clothes should be tailored – without being too revealing!  [Men say HINTING at this figure is more alluring than SHOWING it on the street.  Just last week I overheard a man say, “She thinks I’m admiring her rump, when actually I find her exhibitionism repulsive.”]

"What you must have is apparel that is as unlike what the men themselves wear as it can be…"

You can so easily stand out from the average woman today by simply altering your type of dress to be FEMININE.  Cut, style, color, fit, and materials chosen.

How to Select YOUR Colors and Styles.  (The story of the woman in two different outfits on the bus.)  What was true 100 years ago is still true today!

"Naturally, this outfit helped to emphasize the fact that here was a woman, as different from men as could be - a girlish girl, the quintessence (the pure, highly concentrated essence of a thing) of femininity, the kind of woman a man likes to cherish and protect. Every man alive is interested in a woman who gives such an impression of her outward appearance."

Why do the fashion houses get it so wrong, about so much?

Clothes that win the admiration of men.  You must be the opposite of how men dress.  You are a charming contrast to other women when you are looking your best — Not in leggings and exercise clothes, slovenly dressed and mismatched, but tidy.  Dainty.  Delicate.  Particular.  Prim.  Polished.

People will treat you different when you are wearing an attractive, bright dress, versus a dress that is in neutral colors, or not in YOUR colors, or is too tight, or too short, or is too pretentious (snobby looking).

Don’t buy shirts with words on them, no matter how funny or cool you think the saying is.  Characters on a woman’s clothing aren’t cute.  You aren’t a toddler.

What we women like on ourselves is often not what men like to see us wear.  Just because you are in style doesn’t mean you are attractive to men.

Look for clothing that is Flattering, Bright, and Feminine.  Do your clothes say "I'm friendly; Open to a conversation; and Joyful"?

It is easy for a man to talk to and approach a woman who is soft-spoken, softly dressed, and feminine.  And it’s easy for him to walk away from a loud mouthed, slovenly dressed, masculine woman.

Laura Acuna  Still Becoming

 If you are struggling with a negative body image, I suggest listening to Laura Acuna over at Still Becoming. She doesn't have a large following on YT, but she does on other venues. I'm linking to her first video podcast on YT which explains her journey.    


"Laura Acuña began life as a ‘skinny girl’ but gained 100 pounds in one year at the young age of 11. From that time on, she lived on the diet and body image roller coaster, which never led to permanent weight loss or freedom from the pain she was numbing with food. Instead, she picked up a lifetime of broken thinking about herself, her God, and what His definition of freedom truly means. Thankfully, over the past few years, Laura has been on the healing path. Season One is an open invitation for you to join her on the journey and to discover true freedom has nothing to do with a number on the scale." 

 An excerpt from her episode:

“I was tired. I was weary. I was sick of it. I told God, “Lord, I would rather stay at the weight I am today than to keep losing and gaining it all back again. “I meant every word and syllable. It broke my heart to pray that prayer, but I was done. I’d been dieting for almost five decades. For the life of me, I couldn’t make my body cooperate with the scores and scores of diets I had attempted over all those long years. It went like this: I lost the weight. I gained it back. Shame piled on. Lose the weight. Gain, Shame. Repeat. Sound familiar? What if I told you there’s a better way?”

She also has a book by the same name, Still Becoming. I heard her interviewed several years ago and she was riveting. 

Like last week, regarding your clothes: Dresses together, then shirts, then pants, all sorted by color

  • Donate, 
  • Mend, 
  • Tailor, or 
  • hang back up in your closet next to other like colors. 


It's easy for a man to approach and talk to a soft-spoken, softly-dressed, feminine woman. But it's also easy for him to walk away from a loud-mouthed, sloppily-dressed, masculine woman.

May God bless you as you seek to become the woman He created you to be.


PS: Even after going through my wardrobe many times, I am realizing that I am still wearing many masculine clothes.  I was going out to dinner with my husband after recording this, and it was not "dress" weather, it was cold and overcast, and it took me 4 tries to find a feminine outfit!  I find that I still veer to "business casual" clothes when out shopping, rather than more feminine clothes.  But I have PLENTY of clothes for "meetings."  It is difficult to find truly feminine clothes in the stores these days.  Sometimes thrift and consignment stores are better than dept and fast fashion stores.  It is much easier to find feminine clothes in the Spring.  I am learning right along with you! 

And totally off-topic:  What do you do with all of your excess address labels that you receive from charity?

I put them in every room of my house and use them to pick up dust bunnies!  I keep them in a drawer and easily whisk those dust bunnies away.  And in my bathroom drawer, I use them to pick up hair that has fallen from my brush and other debris that always ends up in drawers. 

Remember that the Color Quiz is over at StylebyColor.com.


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