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FW5.4 Dress Better for your "Right Now" Body

  We also discuss Pamphlet 5, of the original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood pamphlets: Putting Dainty Girlishness into Apparel   If you are struggling with a negative body image, may I suggest listening to Laura Acuna over at Still Becoming. She doesn't have a large following on YT, but she does on other venues. I'm linking to her first video podcast on YT which explains her journey .    (I don't mention her on my video, because I just now remembered her.)     "Laura Acuña began life as a ‘skinny girl’ but gained 100 pounds in one year at the young age of 11. From that time on, she lived on the diet and body image roller coaster, which never led to permanent weight loss or freedom from the pain she was numbing with food. Instead, she picked up a lifetime of broken thinking about herself, her God, and what His definition of freedom truly means. Thankfully, over the past few years, Laura has been on the healing path. S

The Appearance that Fascinates, and the "Huggable" Dress (FW 5.3)

Image We also go over "The Test for Clothes"  The impression you make in an outfit is more important than the apparel itself. Too many women attach too much importance to the piece of clothing (how cute it is, the color, the material, or the label ) than to how they themselves look in it.  You must put aside the beauty of the apparel itself, and see if it fulfills the requirements of Angela-Human in you. Does the garment help you in this quest, or hinder you? Does it help you act the part, or does it repel men?  Clothes that look darling on your best friend (or aunt) may look sickly on you!  Be sure to visit and take the color quiz to find out what looks best on you!   Also watch The Art of Color @AlexandrasGirlyTalk She begins discussing color theory about 2 minutes in, and it is the best video I have seen so far on the subject (and I watched too many!).    If you haven't yet watched it, watch The Enchanted C

Why Won't He Marry You? (FW 5.2)

  Harry Anderson, Illustrator Trigger warning :   Total honesty can be brutal to sensitive people.   This commentary is not meant to hurt your feelings.   It is meant to open the eyes of women truly wondering why they aren’t yet married.   This may help some women.   I have been “stowing away” tidbits of information about what the majority of men think about women, but won't tell them to their faces, for about 6 years now. It fits in amazingly with the 100 year old book (the original 8 pamphlets of Fascinating Womanhood ) that I am reading to my listeners. If you want to print out this worksheet, hit the 'share' icon and e-mail the page to yourself. Then print out the e-mail. At the beginning of my video, I mention that I saw a short video of a woman slowly comprehending why men won’t marry her.   (Note that the pictures used in the video are NOT of the actual women mentioned in the stories.) What reasons did she giv

Mrs. Muir - An Ideal, Fascinating Woman

There is A LOT happening in this video! I cover many topics of FW in a short span of 36 minutes. Traits of an Ideal Woman are discussed using pictures from the 1947 movie “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” during the first half of the video.    Lucy Muir: Was Feminine, Elegant, and dressed well She has a Worthy Character She was a Domestic Queen She was a good mother She is child-like (but not childish) She understands men She was quiet and trusting She had inner happiness She is adored She shows her man admiration She states her beliefs, that align with her worthy character She allows men to help her, lead, and guide She is considerate and unselfish And yet she pleases herself by taking care of her own physical and psychological needs She is not a martyr She is gracious She is joyful and displays radiant happiness   - she laughs, smiles, and is carefree She has radiant health She is thankful and grateful  The Superior Wife Syndrome book is by Carin R

Laine's Letters

Hello, Beautiful Homemakers!  For those of you who are unaware, because you are not addicted to YouTube, I have put out 8 Laine's Letters.   Here is the first one.  Or, you can go to and select the Playlist of Laine's Letters.  The first few videos introduce her and her family, and give the background of why she started to write letters to women in the late 1990s.  The 3rd video is a letter about cozy homemaking entitled Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.     My favorite letter is video 4 entitled:  Why I Love Homemaking   The last 4 videos focus on her money tips, how she paid off her home and became debt free while remaining a homemaker, and after almost every tip I also gave my own.  I hope you enjoy them! Next Monday at 7:30 am I will be releasing a new video about why Mrs. Muir, from the 1947 movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, is a Fascinating Woman.  I hope you have a lovely week! Janine