The Appearance that Fascinates, and the "Huggable" Dress (FW 5.3)

We also go over "The Test for Clothes" 

The impression you make in an outfit is more important than the apparel itself. Too many women attach too much importance to the piece of clothing (how cute it is, the color, the material, or the label) than to how they themselves look in it. 

You must put aside the beauty of the apparel itself, and see if it fulfills the requirements of Angela-Human in you. Does the garment help you in this quest, or hinder you? Does it help you act the part, or does it repel men? 

Clothes that look darling on your best friend (or aunt) may look sickly on you! 

Be sure to visit and take the color quiz to find out what looks best on you! 

 Also watch The Art of Color @AlexandrasGirlyTalk She begins discussing color theory about 2 minutes in, and it is the best video I have seen so far on the subject (and I watched too many!). 


If you haven't yet watched it, watch The Enchanted Cottage movie, and my video about how Laura Pennington's appearance changes in her man's eyes as he falls in love with her. 


I discuss snotty-nosed, dirty children, and freshly-washed, huggable children. How you see children is how men see women - either as masculine and off-putting, or feminine and desirable. 

It's difficult for a man to not want to touch a soft-spoken, softly-dressed, feminine woman. But it's easy for him to walk away from a loud-mouthed, sloppily-dressed, masculine woman. 

"To be most fascinating, the woman must wear only those colors, those materials, and those styles which are the least suggestive of those used by the men themselves, and which therefore make the greatest contrast with the man's own apparel."

Men want to marry good girls. Their ideal is a virgin. They like women to be their most feminine selves "dainty girlishness." Men don't want to marry "vamps" with high body counts, so they will test you to make sure you have strong boundaries. They want to know if you are really as adorable and as "good-girl" as you look. 

If you don't have a worthy character, then your good-girl clothes won't fool him for long. Look to Jesus to help you!

May God bless you as you pray for your man!




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