Why Won't He Marry You? (FW 5.2)


Harry Anderson, Illustrator

Trigger warning:  Total honesty can be brutal to sensitive people.  This commentary is not meant to hurt your feelings.  It is meant to open the eyes of women truly wondering why they aren’t yet married.  This may help some women. 

I have been “stowing away” tidbits of information about what the majority of men think about women, but won't tell them to their faces, for about 6 years now. It fits in amazingly with the 100 year old book (the original 8 pamphlets of Fascinating Womanhood) that I am reading to my listeners.

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At the beginning of my video, I mention that I saw a short video of a woman slowly comprehending why men won’t marry her.  (Note that the pictures used in the video are NOT of the actual women mentioned in the stories.)

What reasons did she give for why men won’t marry her?  (She’s right, you know – the majority of men would agree with the 3 points she makes.)


I quote from a website https://www.philophrosyne.com/blogs/jewelry-guide/the-meaning-behind-nose-rings


  • In the West, what do nose rings “scream” about you?  That you are amazing and worthwhile?  A hippie?  A rebel? 


  • Jewelry tells others what you _ _ _ _ .


  • Men think that women who present themselves as rebels are “too much _ _ _ _ .”


  • People dress off-puttingly to……


  • What does the average man and woman think about nose piercings? 

What do they picture?


  • What is a woman’s weakness?  Our need to be….


  • What are men looking for in a wife? 
  • How will men test you? 
  • What is his ideal?


  • What does fulfilling lust result in? 


  • What is different for a man in a woman in oxytocin levels?


  • Do men want mystery?


  • What do high standards look like?


  • Are the movies telling us the truth, or lying to us, about women who jump into bed with a man they just met?


  • Can a woman approach a man she is interested in?


  • Should you pay for yourself on a first date?


  • Why not text?


  • Is he a true Christian?


  • Do you have to disclose your entire life story early on?


  • Is he marriage-minded?          Is he marriage-material?

If he’s not, what should you do?


  • What if you aren’t on the same page by the end of date three?  What should you do?


  • Place a ___________ ____________ on yourself.  It’s what men are really looking for.


  • Men pursue – so what is your job?  To _ _ _ _ _  .

Know your self-worth.  Don’t be taken in by sweet-talk.


  • Will Christian men test you? 


  • Beware of con-men (Define CINO’s).


  • What does “engagement” mean? 


  • Men are looking for women with  ______________ dress and manner, who have a _________ character.


I share facts about what happens in the brain from Debi Pearl’s book, “Create a Better Brain through Neuroplasticity” in an engaging way:


  • What does Dopamine make you feel?


  • How does a drop in Serotonin makes you feel? 


  • How long does it take for serotonin levels to return to normal? 


  • Why is that so important to know before moving in with a man?


  • Why are married men less likely to wake up 2 years later and say, “I’m moving on.”




  • The majority of women don’t know what causes men to get a huge hit of oxytocin and vasopressin, nor why it is so important!  It changes everything!  This “hit” happens when men ______________________ ____________________.


  • You will be 100 times more fulfilled with a ________________ and _________________.  And you won’t even realize it until it happens!


  • How can you easily sustain your marriage? 


  • What happens to your brain when you entertain thoughts of adultery – or even “just looking”?


  • From what should we flee?


  • Where does adultery start?


  • What’s your job as a wife?


  • What’s your job as a live-in girlfriend?


  • Is it really possible to have a loving marriage?



I share two TRUE stories from Debi Pearl’s book, Create a Better Brain through Neuroplasticity to warn you about CINOs – both men and women.   I also share Debi’s “moral of the story” tidbits.


  • Are you more like Ginger, or Belinda?  What did each girl do right?  Do wrong?  Name as many things as you can.






  • What good points about Belinda did Ralph’s parents point out?




  • If you are attracted to a man you know isn’t marriage material, what should you do?





I mention the book A Christmas Visitor by Anne Perry because it had an example of how men second-guess themselves and become awkward in speech and manner around women they like.

What is the number one thing men are looking for in a wife?




I mention the book Why He Didn’t Call You Back: 1,000 Guys Reveal What They Really Thought about You After Your Date by Rachael Greenwald.  What did 32 y.o. Jordan have to say about his date?





Suggested Movies for you to watch:


  • My Name is Sarah with Jennifer Beals from 2007 (Note that there is a new movie with the same name “My Name is Sara” without the ‘h’ and it is about a completely different subject).


  • If You Believe from 1999 (this is a movie for adults, not children, despite the child-friendly looking cover)


*Please do not watch these movies around children.  They deal with adult subjects, even though they are PG.  Little ears do not need to hear about these subject matters*


Beautiful women look at average women and sniff and say, “What can he possibly see in HER?”


_____________ attitude, _________________manner, and a _______________ character.


Next time, we will delve a bit into feminine dress.

May God bless and help you as you choose to place a high value on the most intimate gift you can give to a husband.



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