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Organized Women Do THIS for Christmas Part 2

Problem 3) Too Many Parties, Open Houses, and/or Children’s Holiday Shows Vintage 7-Up ad I had to tell a really good friend that we wouldn’t be attending her annual party.  She is sensitive and I was afraid of hurting her feelings, but I told her the truth – I explained that we are introverts, and Christmas parties – in the busy month of December – were not fun for us.  Parties with lots of people we don’t know drain us; unlike extroverts who are often rejuvenated.  To not tell her the truth and just say “we are busy” every year would have hurt her feelings more than telling her the truth – I’ve enjoyed all the birthday parties over the years, but I can’t do December parties. She understood and was glad that I told. I had to tell another friend I wouldn’t be coming to the Cookie exchange.  Instead of enjoying a get together, I dreaded the time spent baking and the extra calories. We simply don’t need all those cookies.  We just bake the ones we really like with my m

Organized Women Do THIS for Christmas! Part 1

Did you know that Satan loves the Christmas season? Yep, he takes great glee in getting thousands of people to proclaim, “ I hate Christmas! ” each and every year. If you’ve said this in the past, what made you feel that way?  Are these on your list? stress of finding “perfect” gifts and the lack of cash crowds too many parties, open houses, and/or children’s holiday shows overeating travel nightmares family troubles Christmas cards are stressful illness What are you celebrating Christmas for anyway?   Organized women know WHY they are celebrating Christmas and what their priorities are. If you are a Christian, you know it is our “holyday” to commemorate the birth of our savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  We give gifts in remembrance of His life, and in honor of His death where He gave us the greatest gift – eternal life for all who call upon His name for forgiveness of our sins (see The Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make ). Holy Family Painting by Randy