Planning Ahead for Winter Colds and Flu

This is Part 4 of “Organized Women Do THIS for Christmas!”
Eloise Wilkin, Illustrator

When I worked outside the home I was always sick either right before Christmas or right afterwards, and I know it was the stress.  But many times our children or husband brings home a cold or the stomach flu, and sometimes we just pick up something while out grocery shopping.

In 2018 we had a fever and chills run through the family, and I was in bed on December 21 and 22.  Yet that was my first completely stress-free Christmas because I was DONE.  Everything on my list had been accomplished, so it was no big deal to just lie in bed until I felt better.  Within 24 hours I was fine. (See post From Christmas Chaos to Christmas Calm.)

Now I am not a doctor, and some of these are only folk remedies, but this is what I do to prepare for colds and flu, because once you are sick, it is too late to run to the store!

I make sure that these 3 things are done year round:
  • Our bathroom is kept clean – from sinks to floors, because there is nothing worse than staring at a dirty floor when you are nauseous.
  • There is plenty of toilet paper and tissue boxes (you don’t want to run out while you are ill!)
  • There is an empty trashcan with a liner already in it that can be quickly grabbed (I keep one in the back of a lower cabinet so it is not in my way daily, but can be accessed quickly by removing two baskets). Our everyday bathroom waste basket is a beautiful glass mosaic that I later realized is completely inappropriate to use on your lap, so I had to plan a back-up.
By December 1st of each year I make sure I have: (the rest of this post can be read at

Eloise Wilkin, Illustrator
May God bless you as you plan ahead and care for your family.



  1. Oh yes, stress! It certainly contributes in some way, to most illnesses. And we are coming into, the cough-cold-flu time. -sighhhhhh- So it is common sense, not to add to our susceptibility, by stress.

    And a harried Holiday Season, is the perfect recipe, for Stress.

    Excellent plans for being ready, if/when illness strikes.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I like your way of decorating!!!!! It's quite amazing to me, how some people/countries do not decorate, until soooooo late. Very interesting. So glad I did this post! -smile-

    Am also delighted to see, that you are a one income family. -smile- I never worked outside the home. My husband worked... I stayed home and kept the home and children... He always pitched in, even with long working hours. And I never over-spent. We never over-spent. But let's face it, the woman is the one, who controls "the purse strings." -smile-

    I wish you well, with your life style. Now being 83, I can assure you, that it can be done. -smile- Probably harder today. I understand that. But in the long run, in any time period, if people do not *need* all the latest gadgets and 'toys,' it can be done.

    Happy to count you among my Dear Readers.

    Gentle hugs...


  2. Janine, This is such a helpful post! Just getting over the "crud" myself, I can attest to the value of keeping things extra clean at this time of year. I also like to keep a supply of extra medications, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, tissues, Vick stick, for those times when perhaps we might feel to unwell to run to the store.
    I am a great believer in keeping a stock of extras all through the year anyway, since you just never know when you might not have the ability to get out, etc.
    Also, 100 percent agree being prepared in advance for upcoming holidays and such is a great boon. Not only does it relieve alot of stress, it means should the worst happen, you are still ready!
    God Bless,

    1. We are such kindred spirits, Christine. I wish you lived next door!


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