How to Thrive on One Income

  • Is the desire of your heart to be at home with your children?
  • Are you on the fence about coming home because you don’t see how it could possibly work? 
  • Do you not have children, but desire to be a homemaker just the same?
  • Are you already at home but need help in making ends meet?

Every woman has financial concerns about coming home and surviving on only her husband’s income.  It is scary to contemplate…your heart will begin to pound as you prepare your budget and realize that there is absolutely no way to make ends meet on only one income…but you WANT to be at home!

A book full of encouragement, Janine has given you straight-forward guidelines, and financial principles found in the Holy Bible.  

She shares her action plan of over 125 little steps to help you gather your courage, step out in faith, and successfully thrive on one income!
Take delight in the Lord, and He will give 
you your heart’s desires.  Psalm 37:4

“Do you have a higher calling and purpose for your life?  The need to live on one income?  This book is for you!  Whether it’s raising children, doing charity work, or fulfilling God's calling... the practical tips and encouragement you need to make it possible, are found in the pages of this book.  

“Janine is an inspiration.  She shows what courage, diligence and persistence can bring:  a simple life with priorities, contentment, and joy.”  ~Dawn Segawa, champion for God, and At-Home Mom
Thus reads the back cover of my new book,
How to Thrive on One Income.

It was because of readers of this blog, and women with whom I correspond on e-mail, who wrote me such sweet comments, that I was encouraged to put my story in print for the world to see.  

At each step in the process I asked God, "Is what I'm writing TRUE?  Does it align with Scripture?" and He would put a scripture or a book title in my head.  I would read it and say, "Yes, it does align.  It is true.  These people are saying the same thing.  It worked for me, and it worked for them.  It will work for others."  

Whenever I got cold feet and prayed, "Am I really to do this?" all publishing obstacles would be overcome, usually within hours.  "Should I really say this, Lord?  Am I coming across too harshly?"  I would re-read what I wrote, and would either edit or feel a sense of peace -- yes, I should say THAT.  Someone needs to hear it. 

So I kept plodding along, day by day.  I would think I was done, and every day God would show me more!  I thought I'd never finish!  But it is finally complete.

I'm so thankful for the sweet comments of my blog readers, such as:

Rebecca - I just found your blog through the Women Living Well link-up. I have already read almost all your posts. I currently work full-time and am completely overwhelmed but I am longing to be home caring for my husband, children, and home. This post in particular was very helpful. I cannot way (sic) to try your suggestions. Thanks for the help! :)

Judith - Coming home from work is so worth it!! I quit my job over 25+ years ago and never looked back. That is a wonderful list of ideas and worth lots of people reading it. Thanks for sharing this over at WholeHearted Wednesdays. Have a great week!!

Tiffiney - Hey Janine, I just love this post! Like I said in my comment to you on my blog - we are kindred spirits. You have my heart with this post. I live in a little house on the freeway and I've been busy making it a beautiful place to live these days with my fall harvest decor. I just love this and I'm sharing on's fb page!

Elizabeth - Hi, Janine...I'm going to echo my girl Tiffiney, whom I have to thank for leading me to you, and say that we are kindred spirits. You had me with this: "I am a Keeper at Home, the one who watches, guards and maintains our home…the vital center of our life. My intent is to have our home be a sanctuary of love, peace, warmth and order." YES! Me, too! Looking forward to following you from now on! :)

and Kelli - Wow, this is such a great post. You have no idea how much I needed to hear some of this. I couldn't agree more with you, especially in regards to the daycare reality. Thank you so much for sharing this.  Praise God!

Praise God, indeed!  I so hope my book will be a huge blessing in helping to bring more mothers home to raise their children, and other women who would also prefer to be homemakers.

May God bless you, too.



Table of Contents

Introduction – I May Not Be Rich, But I Am Wealthy
1)  Accumulating Choices, The List Illusion, and Making Home Happy
2)  Planning My New Life
3)  I Held the Key to My Own Happiness
4)  How to Clean Up Your Own Credit File
5)  Buying a House
6)  A Mortgage
7)  Empty Houses
8)  How Did We Get Here?
9)  Having A Vision for Home
10) Another Type of Empty House
11) What You Do With Your Income
12) A Bills Calendar
13) Praying Over Your Budget
14) How I Paid Off Our Car Six Months Early
15) My Top 27 Steps for Grocery Shopping
16) Finding My Way Home
17) What I No Longer Use and Other Thrifty Steps
18) 80 Steps Towards Living on His Income
19) You Are So Lucky!
20) On Being and Staying Debt-Free
21) What if I'm Not Making Ends Meet Now?
22) What If...
23) Working Towards Contentment
24) “Mama…Work?”
25) An Overheard Conversation
26) Consider BEFORE
27) The Prequel to Living on His Income
28) God's Provision
29) Sparrow Math
For Further Reading
The Most Important Decision of Your Life


  1. Oh my goodness! I just found YOUR blog, Janine!! : ) My congratulations to you on your book - it sounds wonderful and good for you in taking the steps to accomplish it. You are an inspiration. And I'm loving your posts as well! Looking forward to reading more. Mary S.

  2. Thank you, Mary, for your sweet comment!

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  4. Thanks for posting this info. I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative. I can't wait to read lots of other posts.
    Living fulfilling life

  5. I have read all the comments and suggestions posted by the visitors for this article are very fine,We will wait for your next article so only.Thanks! thrive life


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