FW 12 and 13: The Kind of Woman a Man Wants


The Original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood Pamphlets

FW Video #12 – We are beginning Pamphlet 2 Chapter 3 “The Kind of Woman a Man Wants.” Subheadings are: What Makes a Woman Attractive to Men; The Women Men Admire; What Does He See In Her; What Makes a Woman Beautiful?; The Delicious Deruchette.

I begin with another tale from the hot springs.

From the section What Makes a Woman Attractive to Men: “The things that a woman admires another woman for are rarely attractive to men. The characteristics which the average woman ignores or condemns in another woman are sometimes just the characteristics that make her fascinating to men.”

Ladies, it’s okay to cry in front of men during a sad movie, a touching scene, or even when they hurt our feelings. We don’t need to be “tough!”

From the section The Delicious Deruchette: “There is, in this world, no function more important than that of being charming. To shed joy around, to radiate happiness, to cast light upon dark days, to be the golden thread of our destiny, and the very spirit of grace and harmony. Is not this to render a service?” That quote is from Victor Hugo, the French novelist, from his “Toilers of the Sea.”

Remember that joyfulness and contentment go farther than mere beauty!

Illustration of woman wondering what the man sees in the other woman is by Art Sarnoff.

“The Kind of Woman a Man Wants” Pt 2 Chapter 3 video

* * *


FW Video #13 – We are continuing Pamphlet 2 Chapter 3 “The Kind of Woman a Man Wants.” Subheadings are: Two Ideals of Femininity; Analyzing a Woman’s Charm; Beauty is Not Necessary; The Secret of a Woman’s Fascination; The Two Chief Factors of Womanly Beauty; Other Essentials of Attraction; What Men See in Homely Women.

The sincerity of a smile is attested to by the eyes; it lights up the entire countenance.

Healthfulness and joyousness are more important than beauty or weight! Men are charmed by women who radiate happiness! Freshness, joyousness, vivacity, teasing playfulness, sparkling eyes and rosy health are more important than flawless skin, a perfect nose, or a perfect smile.

Tenderness and frailty may not be seen by the everyday person, but a man must see it in the woman he is to call his wife. She must be tender and frail with him, in need of his protection and provision.

A model of innocence, sweetness and goodness, she casts light upon his otherwise dark days. Her presence must light up the house, and her approach must feel to him like a cheerful warmth. She must possess a kind, smiling, tender, gentle, generous heart, and have a good sense of humor.

Illustration of woman waking up in bed is by John Gannam.

May God bless you as you take a second look at how you were taught to act by the media, feminists, and “progressive” schools.



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