Feminine Ways 8 and 9: Overview of the Plan


The Original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood Pamphlets

Illustration is by Arthur Sarnoff “Lovers”

FW#8 NOTES: Pamphlet 1 Chapter II Why Men Are Hard to Win: How many eligible men?; The prospects of marriage; What your own chances are; 45 women to 30 men (is this still true today?); How the eligible list is increased.

I open with what men say about women today. If you are listening to this book, which is wordy and directed towards intelligent women who have the attention span to follow along, then you can probably count yourself as a high-caliber woman that a man is searching for as a wife, because otherwise this topic would bore you. This is not a “quick-fix” magazine style article. It is 8 pamphlets – equivalent to a 250 page book!

Women who really care about men in general, and their husband – or future husband – in particular, are the most interested in learning about how men and women view each other and how the opposite sex thinks.

This chapter runs through some eligibility numbers of the general population. In many ways nothing has changed in 100 years, numbers wise, but one thing has drastically changed – men find women much less desirable now than 100 years ago. Many men today see women as crazy. They feel they cannot trust them, and that they are gold diggers who will simply use them and take half their wealth in a divorce. Even at church they cannot seem to find chaste women who embody the characteristics they want. We don’t go into these characteristics in this video, but we will later.

Just know, though, that if men can find a woman with the qualities they want, they say that they will marry her. They are saying they cannot find her. If you think YOU may be that 1 in a million gal (in their eyes), then keep listening to the videos!

It’s also important to note that while men rarely consider a woman’s earning potential when selecting a wife, they DO consider her amount of debt. Research shows that men do not want to take on paying off a wife’s college or credit card debt. They want it paid off before marriage. And if it is discovered that a fiancee is hiding debt – men consider that to be dishonest, and as they are looking for an honest wife, the marriage will be called off. (I’ve seen it happen, too.)


 Illustration is by Harrison Fisher “The Serenade”

FW#9 NOTES: Pamphlet 1 Chapter 2 continued: Where the Steadfast Worshiper May Be Found; The General Plan of Attack; Why the Girl Must Be Worthy; What is the Man’s Viewpoint; The Second Part of the Plan; Revealing the Depths of Your Character; The Third Part of the Plan.

The General Plan of Attack

Explains what orators and business geniuses attribute to their success, which leads into the next section:

Why the Girl Must Be Worthy:

“Unless she is a girl worth having, one that a man ought to want, one who will confer a real benefit upon the man who marries her, she might indeed attract his attention or arouse his interest, but she is little likely to create in him a desire to marry her.”

I tell the story of what the honest man told my flirtatious friend.

What Is the Man’s Viewpoint:

“Are you a girl distinctly worth having from a man’s point of view? … when you combine exceptional merit with your art, you have a better chance to win a man of exceptional merit.”

(If you say you don’t care about the man’s viewpoint, you will care after you marry a man and find that you cannot get along because you no longer do the things that aroused his interest in you in the first place.)

The Second Part of the Plan:

“…her worth must be self-evident… so must a gentle, dainty, lovable, and womanly woman have a gentle, lovable, and womanly manner and appearance. A lovely disposition must not be marred by a scowling face and an irritable manner; glorious health must not be disguised by stooping shoulders and a spiritless walk; a wholesome self-respect must not be contradicted by an attitude of servility; and a womanly woman must not be concealed under a mannish appearance and manner. …. The second part….is to give you the appearance and the manner of a girl distinctly worth having from a man’s viewpoint.

“Again, we wish to warn you against concluding that you already fulfill the requirements. You may, in your own opinion, have such an appearance and manner; but are they distinctly to be seen from a man’s point of view? That is something that can be determined only after an exhaustive study of the man’s viewpoint, such as we propose to undertake in later chapters of this work.”

Revealing the Depths of Your Character

“A further warning may be necessary to those girls, who, instead of thinking they already fulfill the requirements, think that they do not and never can, that their character, manner and appearance are fixed and unchangeable items. Such an attitude is based upon the wrong conception of character. … we are familiar with a few surface details which trick us into imagining we know ourselves,; but let a great crisis come, let us be thrown upon our own resources…”

The Third Part of the Plan

“…is to learn and to practice… Here, too, a warning must be given. Nine girls out of ten, we know, will skip the first two parts of our plan of attack, and concentrate upon the third…naturally the most interesting part. The study of yourself alone, such as the first two parts require, is not nearly so entertaining as the study of men and the manner in which they are won. ... Unless you master the man’s viewpoint in these two parts, unless you apply this viewpoint in making yourself more desirable, you will be no more likely to succeed than the businessman who wastes all his shrewd advertising and masterful salesmanship upon a product that lacks merit, or the orator who exercises all his eloquence upon a cause which is known to be unworthy.

“If you expect to meet with success, therefore, you will proceed right through this work in the order given, and not jump immediately, without the necessary preparation, to the third and last part of your campaign.”

We have finished the first pamphlet! Videos 10 and 11 will be me talking about the research I found about what wealthy, happily married men told researchers what they looked for in a wife, and how she helped him become so successful.

If I speak too slowly for you, speed me up to 1.5x!

Secrets of FW Chapter 4 will also come out this week. Bettina will be out the second week of May.

May God bless your week as you seek Him first!



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