Feminine Ways Videos 4 and 5: The 5 Stages


The Original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood Pamphlets 

FW #4: Part One (aka Pamphlet 1) Chapter 1 Title: The Five Stages of Winning a Man; Subtitles: Where Winning Men is a Developed Art; Applying the Principles of Human Nature; When Instincts are Suppressed; Is This Unmaidenly?

Winning a man over is a developed art, and includes applying the principles of human nature. Our natural desire is a household of our own. Feminists, schools, and the media all work together to suppress true, feminine, and natural instincts. They all decry the home and call homemaking and caring for children demeaning. Unless, of course, that is your paid career! They ridicule our God-given instincts to attract men until many women ignore their feminine energy and desires.

A home of our own – it is our natural instinct to want a family to care for and a nest to feather. “When she wants merely a home of her own, a little nest to warm with her love and rule with her kindness; when she wants merely to be someone’s partner, to share with him his joys and sorrows, to sustain the one and comfort the other, to climb with him toward higher and holier aspirations; when she wants merely an opporunity to be tender, loyal and devoted; when she wants, above all, to avoid the terribly narrow selfishness of living alone, with no one to care for, to work for, to live for and die for – is that unmaidenly? It is the holiest design a woman can entertain.”

Picture of man pursuing woman (FW #4) is by Jim Schaeffing.

FW#5 Notes: Part one The Five Stages of Winning a Man continued. This chapter covers: Five Underlying Principles of Human Nature; How Shakespeare Proved the Five Principle; How Marc Antony Aroused Interest; How Marc Created Desire; How He Satisfies Judgment, How He Secured Action; and then a short story about Antony and Cleopatra.

The psychology of winning a man over to liking you is done the same way salespeople win over new customers, and politicians win new votes. The Five Underlying Principles of Human Nature must be met, and they are Attention, Interest, Desire, Judgment, and Action. You won’t win a man if you skip a step, because they go in order.

If you think this five stage business is nonsense, or find it boring, remember that it holds true in most things we do, whether we believe in it or not.

For instance, recently I contacted a new small business about buying one of their products in my color. The website promised to match me up with my correct color easily, quickly, and painlessly.

  1. Their premise looked great – they had my attention.
  2. Next they aroused my interest with how easy it was, and gave me a coupon.
  3. They created desire by promising me the perfect color for ME.
  4. There was a money back guarantee, so I bought a sample and I loved it! So they satisfied my judgment and drew me to ACTION by requesting the sample.
  5. Now, all they had to do was secure my action for the “real” or “big” order. I wanted the full shebang and so I decided to go straight to a human because I found some of my color test results confusing. I contacted the person with all of my questions. I informed them that I didn’t want to get it wrong, that I wanted them to guide me in my decisions because they were the experts and that I felt I couldn’t trust the results I was being given online, and wanted a human to help me. She did! We exchanged 5 e-mails. My question – she answered. New question – she answered. Last question to clarify one part of the order. NO ANSWER.

And so, she did not secure my final action, maybe because she was tired, maybe because she thought she did answer my question, maybe because she thought my last e-mail was a ‘thank you’ only and missed the question. But I’m not going to buy until I have that question answered. When (if) the desire is again created in me, I will ask the question again, and if I get it answered, I will take action.

Now matter how ‘boring’ you think the process is – when you learn these steps you can see how it affects your every day life, how salespeople use it on you, and how in order to secure action from anyone in your life, all 5 steps must be satisfied!

So this video (#5) is all about how Shakespeare used these same five principles when he retold the story of how Marc Antony went through the five stages to arouse the people of Rome to avenge Caesar’s death.


Featured picture of Antony and Cleopatra (FW #5) is by Joseph Christian Leyendecker in 1902.

Do men really like fake nails? The vast majority of men say that they do not. They like manicured nails – but not garish fake nails. Recently my own husband mentioned how he doesn’t like them. I responded, “But when I met you I wore fake nails,” and he joked, “I know, but I liked the rest of the package so I overlooked the nails.” It was a surprise to me to learn that most men feel the same way. And too many obvious “fake” beauty enhancements [nails, hair extensions, eyelashes, hair color, etc.] cause many women to not pass a man’s Judgment stage, because he wonders what else about her is fake.

Remember, if I speak too slowly for you, you can always speed up the video! 🙂

May God bless you as you seek Him first!



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