FW 21 and 22: Rejuvenating Health; Beauty and Nails


The Original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood Pamphlets

FW 21: Rejuvenating Health. We are finishing Chapter 4 of Pamphlet 2 this week. In video 21 we cover the last 4 essentials of good health.

#4 Drink plenty of water, #5 Eat with good judgment, #6 Breathe deeply, #7 Practice relaxation frequently

We touch on the fact that God made our bodies to fast! I recommend the book Fast. Feast. Repeat. and touch on the benefits of Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 MK-7 which helps calcium get to where it will help your bones, and Magnesium Glycinate (most people are deficient and that causes a whole host of problems, aches, pains, frozen shoulder, soft bones, etc.) Glycinate is the easiest form to digest.

I tell you what Hippocrates said 2500 years ago about food and medicine and I give his cure for cancer and what modern science says about it.

I mention Robert Barefoot’s 2002 recommendation for a Constitutional Amendment for the Right to Medical Freedom. Dr. Benjamin Rush wanted medical freedom to be added to our Bill of Rights 250 years ago. Too bad he was unsuccessful. They should have listened to him!

I encourage you homemakers to take time to lie down for at least ten minutes each afternoon to reset your spine. Especially if you have small children, you are probably spending too much time hunched forward. I also stretch my spine using my son’s chin-up bar in the doorway.

Don’t use too much bleach.

Remember to open your windows in the morning (as long as pollen isn’t blowing outside) and especially open windows a crack when it rains, as the negative ions are so good for replenishing your home’s air and it is great for your health!

I go ahead and read what the book says about relaxation, but I also mention that the Bible tells us to do the opposite of much of what they said. We are never to “empty” our minds. We are to fill our minds with Scripture! To meditate on Scripture means to contemplate the verses and think on them deeply. Filling your mind with Scripture is how the Holy Spirit helps convict you and helps you turn from harmful actions, words, and circumstances. Breakfast and the Bible.

Also, if you have to sit a lot (like I do when I’m editing these videos and writing these posts) do chair exercises at the same time. Lots of stretching forwards, backwards, side to side, wave your arms, reach to the floor, etc.

I mention this book: Home Safe Home helped me get toxic substances out of my house that were bothering me years ago. The link is to her updated book.

[Another favorite I forgot to mention was: Why David Hated Tuesdays. I don’t mention this in the video, but when I was first married and moved into my husband’s home I suffered from asthma. Those two books helped me find and remove what was causing my asthma. For me, I found a lot of relief when we tore up the carpet and kept the bare hardwood floors. I also rid our home of many toxic cleaning products and later changed to more natural bedding and pajamas.]

Another excellent, easy to read, and enjoyable book on the subject is The Healthy Home: Simple Truths to Protect Your Family From Hidden Household Dangers. I am currently going through this book and detoxifying my home once again – toxic products love to sneak back in!



FW 22: Beauty and Nails

After reading the section entitled “Don’t Hide Your Health,” I discuss what MEN like and dislike about women’s nails. Then we quickly discuss:

  • Eyelashes
  • Eyebrows
  • Too-white teeth
  • Hair washing frequency
  • Soap and bath products
  • Fragrant toxic products
  • Make-up: Is it a necessity?
  • Cleavage
  • And a last word about fake nails
Do you want to look juvenile? Or elegant?

On first glance you might think this “French manicure” with colored tips looks pretty. That is, until someone grimaces at you and asks if you’ve got Playdough under your nails!

If you get your fake nails done every month, your time and money would be better spent on other areas that actually attract, rather than repel, most men. I know that many women will respond that they love their fake nails and will refuse to go without them. In my late 20s and early 30s I loved them too, and didn’t stop until I got pregnant. It was a wake-up call to realize I had a lot more time and money without them. Instead, I just use a glass file and buff my nails. I certainly don’t miss chipped nails!

If you cannot give up your fake nails, then keep them on the shorter side (men say they wonder about the cleanliness of long nails – don’t you feel repulsed when you see men with too long or dirty finger nails? Men feel the same way about women with long nails).

Also, instead of a square cut, go for the natural oval. Men overwhelmingly say they prefer it, and they prefer fingernails to be a pale pink, or natural looking.  A French Manicure came in second to natural-looking nails.  Do you know why French Manicures became popular?  It was simply a status symbol, a way to say, “I’ve been to the salon.” 

Men greatly dislike loud and unnatural fingernail colors, especially blue, green, brown, black, purple, orange, and rust colors. Some men say they love red finger nails.  But the majority of men prefer pink nails, the more natural looking the better.

Recently at the bank the teller had purple dagger nails with a pretty design on them.  It was clear that this woman purposefully paid a lot of attention to her nails, as people were constantly looking at her hands as she counted out their money.  I mentioned that I was sure a lot of women complimented her on her nails, and casually asked, “Do men ever comment on them?”  She said that they did, but whereas the women were overtly positive, the men had comments such, “Those are some nails,” or “Interesting color,” or “You could kill a man with those daggers.”   Her nails were a conversation starter; positive for women, negative for men. 

Believe it or not, we typically dress for other women.  We see other women and we know what we like or don’t like, but it isn’t usually what men like to see.  We will be discussing this much later.  But if this teller wants to get a positive reaction from men, she will need to cut her nails shorter, go less dagger and more natural oval, and paint them a pale pink.  Or, she can continue to repel men just with her fingernails.

Regarding toenails, men say the color they dislike the most is red, because “red toenails just look bloody.”  The color men love the most on women’s toes is bubble gum pink!  

I was so surprised to hear that.  I had worn the same bright magenta toenail polish for years, thinking it looked best with my skin tone.  When I finally ran out of polish, I used a bottle of  bubble gum pink that someone had given me.  An hour later my husband walked into the room and said, “Wow! I love your toenail color. You look delicious!”  I was floored. He had never once, in twenty years, commented on my toenail polish before!

Bottomline:  Chipped, peeling, or loud colored nail polish is adolescent, unappetizing, and inelegant.  Having soft hands with well manicured, natural looking nails will help draw a man to you.  It’s these little things that add up! 

This woman’s hair, make-up, and nails look beautiful, and I love how her shoes match her dress, but doesn’t showing that cleavage instantly make her look desperate? Her jewelry even matches the bows on the shoes, but that choker sends out the wrong message. Sometimes women get caught up in fashions and they don’t realize there is symbolism behind the jewelry. Ladies, no matter your age (teens, I’m also talking to you) you should never wear chokers of any kind, ever.

May God bless you as you forego fashion and instead discover what looks best on you!


For those that are interested in learning more about toxins in our home and clothes, this documentary was excellent. You can watch it at 1.5 time and still understand everything.  It's called STINK.


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