FW 32 and 33: The Key, the Crux of Fascinating Womanhood


The Original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood Pamphlets

We are in Pamphlet 4, Chapter 7, discussing The Beauty a Man Sees and Why Young Girls Attract Men.

Many women dislike the very traits that are attractive to men, such as delicacy, fragility, and weakness. Surprisingly, these traits are beautiful to men. We go more in depth as to what this looks like – and what it doesn’t look like.

“Manly men are most attracted where they can best play the part of man and hero [every movie ever!]. They can only play this part when the women seem to them delicate, fragile, tender, timid, and dependent upon man for care and protection.”

If you don’t play the game, then you never win the prize, ladies.

I tell many stories that illustrate and bring home the points that these chapters are revealing.

The next subheading is The Attribute that Arouses Love.

“Here, then, you have the fourth essential, the one which serves to emphasize the fascinating difference between man and woman. Without this air of tenderness, frailty, and delightfully human and cuddlesome girlishness, you can have a magnetic personality, but not a feminine one [remember that Sunday School teacher?] — an admirable character, but not a lovable one. Without it you cannot make any appeal to a man’s chivalry, the desire to act the part of man and hero, and you cannot therefore be delightfully captivating. This air is what constitutes femininity. The cultivation of this air will make a woman everything that is attractive in men’s eyes — charming, appealing, gentle, timid, cuddlesome, lovable, dainty, exquisite, and altogether too tenderly bewitching to be allowed to go through life without his guidance, care and protection. This air is what arouses in him the desire to cherish and protect that is universally called LOVE.”

We then go over How to Acquire It. These are the movies other women suggested on a now defunct website from about 15 years ago. Sorry that the name of the website was not printed on this list.

  • A Farewell to Arms (1950). The woman wasn’t a perfect example of a FW because she lacked in the morals department. But she captivated his heart in a very enchanting way. Observe her mannerisms.
  • I Married an Angel (1942) with Jeannette MacDonald as the angel. Displays the Angelic-Human example. This person also says, “Try Maytime (1937), Rose Marie (1936), and Sweethearts (1938).” They all feature Jeannette MacDonald.
  • It’s a Wonderful Life (1946). This person mentions that the Jimmy Stewart character was so unhappy because “his manly dreams and ambitions were never taken seriously by the people around him, and he felt that everything he did was because he had to do it, not because he chose to.” This movie was also on our last FW movie list (FW17) due to Donna Reed’s FW characteristics.
  • High Noon (1952) with Gary Cooper “for showing how a man needs his wife’s support.”
  • My Fair Lady (1957). The transformed Eliza and “how she slowly walks down the stairs and slowly enters the ballroom, moving and interacting with others…she is mesmerizing.”
  • To Catch a Thief (1955) with Grace Kelly.
  • Snow White (1937). “Watch her fearfulness, childlikeness, domestic ability, the way she walks and talks. Her voice is soft and feminine and she moves with ultimate grace. The wicked step-mother shows how not to act. She was the ‘fairest in the land’ but who wants mere beauty without the accompanying character?”
  • Cinderella (1950) “must be sisters or at least cousins. Cinderella is another example of femininity and wonderful character all rolled into one delightful package. The hardships she endured with such sweetness built her character into one the Prince could see beyond her beauty. She was happy with her life even when there was little to smile about.”
  • Calamity Jane (1955) “Tomboy, Doris Day, learns that ‘A Woman’s Touch’ can win her the man of her dreams with some transforming help from a city girl.”
  • Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) “Spunky frontier bride turns her brothers-in-law into gentlemen and wins the love of her groom of convenience. Good example of worthy character combined with feminine charm.”
  • The Women (1939) “Some excellent examples of how NOT to behave – copy Mary instead….”



And many other various tidbits about femininity.

May God bless you as you embrace your God-given feminine traits!


I talk about this video a bit in FW32 How to Get a Man: Don't Be a Feminist. Just about everything he says is covered in the original FW pamphlets! [by the way, he married her]

In this short 2 minute video this man makes some really good points about how people are dressing.


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