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FW 6 & 7: The Story of Johnny and Miss Innocent


The Original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood Pamphlets

Picture of vintage Lifeguard poster in Redondo Beach, CA. Picture of repentant young woman is by Arthur Sarnoff.



FW#6 NOTES: Pamphlet 1 Chapter 1 continued. The Story of Johnny and Miss Innocent; How the Fascinating Girl Applies the Principles: Getting Attention; Arousing Interest; Creating Desire. Sympathetic Understanding – The Magic Force in Creating Desire.

 Pay attention to the end of the section called Creating Desire. Miss Innocent’s eyes “…would not fascinate Johnny thus if there was in them the slightest shadow, so far as Johnny is concerned, of criticism, suspicion, or disrespect.”

  • It is when girlfriends and wives start criticizing and disrespecting their man that he becomes susceptible to other women who show him approval, appreciation, and respect.
  • Look at your man through another women’s eyes and you might be surprised at what they see!
  • Approval, appreciation, and respect are key to awakening a man’s desire for you.

It continues, “So long as the eyes of Her Innocence continue this flattering behavior, just so long will Innocent herself be to him an irresistible and inescapable magnet — unless other eyes should come along which behave even more flatteringly.”

  • This explains why it is so easy for movie stars to cheat. There are always a plethora of eyes to look at him more flatteringly than his wife.

Under Miss Innocent’s eyes, Johnny “…believes himself a better man than he ever before thought himself, looks upon his past performances as unworthy of his true character, and confidently expects his future life to justify her exalted conception of him.”

When you show him he is worthy in your eyes, he begins to live up to your expectations. YOU give him the desire to work and excel.

Many successful men have a wife helping him excel because she bolsters his ego and helps him make big decisions. She makes him stronger, just by helping him look his best each morning. How that happens will look different in every household.

It’s unpopular to say, but when a wife becomes financially dependent on her husband, the more he begins to excel:

  • IF she is doing her job of lifting him up instead of dragging him down with her words,
  • IF she is pleasant to come home to and not a nag,
  • IF she isn’t complaining about her life,
  • IF she is doing her part at home, and
  • IF she is spending the family’s money wisely.

Remember that men have been supporting women financially since time began, and women have always worked behind the scenes helping their husbands become more successful. In fact, I just read that the majority of millionaires who have been married 30+ years attributed their ability to generate wealth to their wife being willing to give them the support they needed by encouragement, and taking on all the domestic tasks by remaining a full-time homemaker, wife and mother. Their wife was there for them every day. Their wife was there for their children every day.

Too many men never reach their potential because they do not have a high-caliber wife helping them behind the scenes.

One big reason we have such a fractured society now is because this family system has been demeaned and broken down.

Are you overwhelmed and unsatisfied? Why do you think this is?

FW#7 Notes: Pamphlet 1 Chapter 1 continued. The Story of Johnny and Miss Innocent continued: Satisfying Judgment; Miss Innocent Makes a Shrewd Guess; How She Plays on Johnny’s Moods; Johnny Returns for Sympathy; Prompting Action; A Moon, A Garden, and a Lawn Swing; Johnny Proposes; Nature Triumphs.

This story is an overview of what the succeeding pamphlets will cover. (By the way, in the 1935 version of the pamphlets, the names have been changed to “Johnny Hopeful and The Charmer.” I like the original names better.)

I briefly mention the power of “Ouch.” When your boyfriend or husband is upset and begins yelling or saying hurtful things, instead of yelling back and telling him he’s a loser and that everything is his own fault, just say “Ouch” and don’t feel like you have to hide your tears from hurtful words. Not crocodile tears, but sincere ones. If his words make you feel like crying, then do so, in front of him. Don’t run away and be stoic. Who taught us to hide our true feelings, anyway?

I didn’t mention this in the video, but if it is nighttime and you think an argument is coming, take a cue from this chapter and head outside. Walk and talk under the moonlight if at all possible, away from harsh lights. It might help him to better control his temper – and yours – as well.

I’ve noticed that many old stories that were written prior to electric lights, including several by Lucy Maud Montgomery and Grace Livingston Hill, take place in gardens at night. Did you listen to John Chamberlain’s Easter Coat? Part of that also took place in a garden, and without the garden and the walk in the moonlight, John may have never worked up the courage to talk to his secret love.


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