A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband with Bettina’s Best Recipes BOOK: JUNE through MAY 1917


Meal Planning with Bettina
To listen to each month in succession just choose the "A Thousand Ways to Please A Husband" Playlist on my YouTube page @BeautifulHomemaking channel. 

Listen while you work around the house!

Bettina, homemaker extraordinaire from 1917 is a newlywed just back from her June wedding trip and is setting up housekeeping, yet she already knows more than most of us. She shares her tips with her husband Bob and her friends in the book A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband by Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles Lecron. This entertaining cookbook was meant to encourage new homemakers and novice cooks, and is now in the public domain.

I’ve omitted her recipes, as they were written before our modern ovens and some of the meals seem unpalatable to us today, but nonetheless she may help spark some of your own meal planning ideas. I put my own ideas on a cute monthly notepad.

In each video I’ve interspersed pictures I took of charming homes during the appropriate month, along with the original illustrations from the book. Each picture lasts about 1 minute.

If you prefer to read along, just look for the appropriate month under the Meal Planning with Bettina category.

I also mention this blog, where a woman actually cooked the majority of Bettina’s recipes, took pictures, and described how easy or hard the recipes were, and the funny reactions of her husband and child. I found her synopses very entertaining!  CookalaBettina.blogspot.com

May God bless you as you listen while beautifying your own house!



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