An Old Sweetheart of Mine


 Hello Beautiful Homemakers!

Next week we will begin a new series about Feminine Ways that I hope most of you will enjoy. For today, I’ve recorded a sweet story from 1888 that was sitting on my bookshelf in a beautifully bound book. The poem by James Whitcomb Riley is illustrated by the famed Howard Chandler Christy. The red decorations around the words were done by Virginia Keep.

In the video I show all of Christy’s illustrations, but not Keep’s, as that was just too much work to photograph every page.

The book was published by The Bobbs-Merrill Company Publishers in Indianapolis, and the next page says Copyright 1888, 1899, 1902 by James Whitcomb Riley and Copyright 1902 by The Bowen-Merrill Company. Press of Braunworth & Co. Bookbinders and Printers Brooklyn, NY

I think you will enjoy it! 9 min



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