FW 18 and 19 Fresh and Joyous Health


The Original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood Pamphlets

FW 18 Fresh and Joyous Health: Pamphlet 2, Chapter 4 “Developing Your Latent Power.” During the subtitle The Path to a Magnetic Personality we discuss health and exercise. The subtitle When Nature and Judgment Clash also deals with health and says that the magnetism of a healthy women is such a draw, that even when it goes against a man’s better judgment, he will be attracted to her more than to a woman who is better suited to him but who is unhealthy.

The last subtitle is When the Love-Nest Is the Goal (“love-nest” meaning marriage and a home, not an affair or casual dating). Here we discuss how we can become healthier, and what conditions were like in 1922 regarding food and women’s exercise.

I mention that, after learning from several books how to optimize exercise by working out your body in a particular order, I discovered that a workout tape from the 1990’s (oops! It says 1988!) was the “perfect” workout. It’s on YT – you just need to skip the 3 minute intro (I’ve embedded the link to the 3 minute mark).

To me it is fairly easy to do (you don’t have to be too coordinated), but when you do the floor exercises of stomach and legs it is harder if you don’t have much endurance. However, you just need to work up to it. Just do what you can! I highly suggest that you get a thick foldable mat (the rollable ones are too thin) like this one to cushion you:

Thick Exercise Mat Each color has a different cost. Pink right now is sold out, but purple is available at a lower cost. (amzn affiliate links)

It really helped me be able to complete the exercises on the floor.

I also mention that I found some success with intermittent fasting after reading this book (well, technically, I only read half the book, but still had success):

Fast. Feast. Repeat.

Fasting sounds so horrible, doesn’t it? Like we will starve! But Intermittent Fasting sounds a bit more doable. However, when you start, you may even gain a few pounds because you are so worried you will starve during your fast time that you will probably overeat. But when you realize you can go 12 hours without eating, and won’t starve, you begin to relax, knowing you can eat whatever you want during your food window. Then you go 13 hours, then 14, then 15, then 16!


The Tonetics workout from the 1980s that works out your body in the best possible order, according to exercise physiologists of today!  (you can fast-forward thru the 3 min commercial at the beginning of the video)


Joanie shows you the proper order in which to work your stomach muscles.



FW 19 “Essentials of Good Health” continues chapter 4 and we discuss How to Acquire Physical Perfection and Seven Essentials of Good Health.

I discuss Stormie Omartian’s book Greater Health God’s Way and how her 7 essentials of health line up with what is discussed in this chapter. (Oh, wow! She updated her 1984 book in 1999.)

We cover the first three of 7 essentials in my video. 1. Remove the causes of disease, 2. Live sensibly “conquering the nerves” and how our constant work can exhaust us. “By keeping this up day after day, they ruin their nervous systems, their digestions, and their entire constitutions.”

In “Letting Nature Assert Herself” we again touch on exercising properly and plentifully (which is point 3), especially WHY we should be walking outside in the sunshine and fresh air (not running, not exercising/cycling near car exhaust), what fresh air does for our blood and why we must leave our homes for a minimum of 30 minutes each day for one of our exercises, why stretching in your backyard is a good idea (personally, we visit a park most days and there is one place with benches where we stretch our legs and I do my back twists and arm exercises).

FlyLady calls exercise “loving movement.”  What loving movement will you begin to incorporate into your day? VARIETY in exercise spurs you on!

  • Go for a walk in my neighborhood
  • Walk in a new neighborhood
  • Walk indoors at a mall
  • Visit a park
  • Go hiking
  • Golfing
  • Play tennis
  • Do gardening
  • Dance at home
  • Take a dance class
  • Roller blade
  • Ice skate
  • Bowl
  • Go horseback riding
  • Find a women’s gym or an upscaled gym that makes you want to work out
  • Work out to YouTube videos
  • Try Lisa Welchel’s Everyday Women’s Workout (there are 2 workouts, but I can only do the first one)
  • Try Pilates
  • And for younger women, try Callanetics instead of yoga. (It looks easy, but it’s a deep tissue workout, so be careful that you don’t overdo it!) While I prefer the DVD “AM/PM Callanetics, I’ve linked to the original DVD because this one is the best at explaining HOW to properly do the stretches so that you won’t hurt yourself.
  • I recommend Pilates, but not yoga. Here’s why. Every single yoga pose breaks the First and Second Commandment whether you are conscious of what you are doing or not, because every yoga pose is a bowing down pose which is meant as worship to a pagan god. Yoga isn’t exercise – it is a religious rite. That is why yoga teachers “correct” your postures and poses – it isn’t for strength as you may suppose; it’s alignment with a religious rite of worship. Read more of my post on it here: Yoga and the Christian. Yoga is a gateway to receiving a Kundalini spirit and takes you far away from Christ.(watch Revealing Truth on YT Kundalini in the church masquerading as the Holy Spirit)

Also, chiropractors warn that yoga poses are unnatural and hurt your body. In the same way, too much bicycle riding – even a spin class – can hurt your tender body parts.

Also, the pounding of jogging is very bad for your knees and feet. You need to find loving movement. Just do as much as you are able to and keep building on your strength!

At the end of FW19 I tell you how I changed my life and my health by following Stormie’s book, and how I incorporated walking three times a day even though I was working full-time. Today I walk once or twice a day, oftentimes with my husband. It was years before he joined me, but now it is a habit we both enjoy.

May God bless you lovely women as you incorporate loving movement every day, inside and outside of your homes!



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