FW34 and FW35 The Family Darling or The Superior Wife?


The Original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood Pamphlets. Featured picture is by Al Parker 1943.

In FW34 we discuss the family darling, the daughter who knows how to ask her father for money, get her brother’s friend to escort her around town, and how to sweetly get the men around her to want to help her in everything she does. She is full of playful pretenses (a professed but feigned reason – such as being timid when there is a man around to kill her “snake”), and playful coquettishness, which is just her way of obeying her natural feminine instincts around men.

I also discuss how my friend and her husband were able to buy an $800,000 home in six years in Los Angeles, after renting most of their life. Where there is a will, there is always a way.

I touch on what we’ve gained and what we’ve lost by no longer having men escort us by holding our arm and guiding us.

I end with a startling message from Carin Rubenstein’s book The Superior Wife Syndrome, Why Women Do Everything So Well and Why – for the Sake of Our Marriages – We’ve Got to Stop. 



FW35 – Are You a Superior Wife? I hope not! This is a fascinating book about how and why many women unintentionally tear down their marriages by their inability to relinquish control over their husbands. She has a very short section on nonsuperior wives – who have marriages that sound like a “fairytale” to many women – but who in actuality are great role models for superior wives. Nonsuperior wives are women who are living the blessings of Fascinating Womanhood!


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