From Christmas Chaos to Christmas Calm 

Ooh, I wish I had a fireplace. I hope you have been enjoying Autumn breezes and colors, if you are in the northern hemisphere, and are ready to begin planning for the most wonderful time of the year EARLY this time. Don’t you just love this picture? I want my house to be this festive, snugly warm, peaceful, and beautiful…that’s why I wish I had a fireplace! At least I’ve got the cat, the hardwood floors, and the sunset.

This is the week to begin in earnest! Your goal: Have Christmas presents bought and wrapped before Thanksgiving. Why? So that you can enjoy the entire month of December and just have fun!

This year is the first year I don’t have any ideas for anyone, although I do have a few gifts bought that I saw earlier in the year. So the next three weeks will be key to having a stress-free and fun December. When my husband mentioned he’d like to take our now 16 yo son to Disneyland before he gets out on his own, I decided to give JR an extra week off school (we’ll go a week longer in June); this way I can begin making the Christmas shopping rounds two weeks earlier than I have in the past.

I have detailed what I do in 6 “Christmas Calm” posts on my main website, because I’ve got it down to a science : )

If you need inspiration or a plan to follow, please consider reading the six posts in the Category section Christmas Calm, or just click on this link, It's that Most Wonderful Time Again! post, it will have all 6 articles embedded inside. I’ve even updated them for you!

Three of our family’s Christmas favorites are now on YT:

A Family Circus Christmas (1979)

From the beloved newspaper cartoon series, three cartoon movies were created for Christmas, St. Valentine's Day, and Easter.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (1983)

The above movie would also make a great Christmas gift for anyone – I just showed it for the first time to a woman in her late 50’s and she loved it! The Best Christmas Pageant Ever DVD. If you have a young child, be sure to read them the book, FIRST! It will make them love the movie even more. In fact, all three books in the Herdman’s series are fantastic, and would make great Christmas presents for those in elementary school: The Best School Year Ever (can anyone find anything good to say about a Herdman?), and The Best Halloween Ever. It’s heartwarming to see such “bad” kids make good decisions.

The Little Lamb 1955

I especially love the opening of the above video “The Little Lamb” because it shows a mother praying with her five children and telling them this bedtime story. Then it plays the six minute movie. It is a touching story from the shepherds’ point of view. I found it on a VHS when my son was small and have watched it every year since. I’m so glad it’s on YT now!

If you go to the post It's that Most Wonderful Time Again! it will have all 3 videos embedded inside.

May God bless you as you keep your Christmas focus on Christ, and your Christmas season will be merry and bright!



  1. Hi Janine! I didn't realize you had this blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog--I am behind on getting to comments. We are planning a wedding here! I hope you are well.


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