Organized Women Do THIS for Christmas Part 2

Problem 3) Too Many Parties, Open Houses, and/or Children’s Holiday Shows

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I had to tell a really good friend that we wouldn’t be attending her annual party.  She is sensitive and I was afraid of hurting her feelings, but I told her the truth – I explained that we are introverts, and Christmas parties – in the busy month of December – were not fun for us.  Parties with lots of people we don’t know drain us; unlike extroverts who are often rejuvenated.  To not tell her the truth and just say “we are busy” every year would have hurt her feelings more than telling her the truth – I’ve enjoyed all the birthday parties over the years, but I can’t do December parties. She understood and was glad that I told.

I had to tell another friend I wouldn’t be coming to the Cookie exchange.  Instead of enjoying a get together, I dreaded the time spent baking and the extra calories. We simply don’t need all those cookies.  We just bake the ones we really like with my mom. 

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We also don’t do Christmas open houses, unless it is a housewarming.  Because we need margin in our life.

One party I kept was our homeschooling moms group where we make an ornament.  A friend who excels at crafts does all the planning, and I just give her a few dollars to cover her expenses.  This is something I would never do on my own, and I’ve been amazed that some of my ornaments actually come out well!  It’s a fun, creative, enjoyable time with friends.

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The church parties I kept because I enjoy singing Christmas Carols, and it isn’t exhausting on my part.

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I absolutely loved when my son was little and was in Christmas shows.  Rehearsals were on during Sunday School with practice at home, so there was no stress on my part.  If I had several children in major productions with lots of rehearsals, as do so many of my friends, I would be as crazy as they are (smile).

You will have to decide – do these rehearsals make the family hate Christmas?  Do they make you or your children stressed and yell?  Or do these shows contribute to the grace and joy of Christmas?  If you decide they contribute to Christmas happiness, what will you DO during rehearsals?  Waste time on social media? Christmas cards? Shopping? List writing? Online shopping? Reading? Menu planning? You can accomplish much in 20 – 40 minutes!

If your children don’t want to be in a show, why are you forcing them?  I remember one year a child wet his pants in front of his school mates – would that be worth it?  Some kids just hate the limelight.  Why are you forcing your child to participate?  I’ve heard so many parents say, “Oh he has fun when he gets there.”  Ask him 10, 25, or 30 years later, “Did you have fun?”  The answer is always a big, fat “NO.”  They haven’t “forgotten” these times – they hated them.  It made a lasting impression.  Today, I see moms forcing their kids to participate because the moms have work to do and the child can’t be home alone, so they are pushed into activities they do not want to do.  Give your child some down time if he or she wants it!

If these s activities make you hate Christmas, but your children want to participate, how can you solve that problem? Be sure to ask your children – both if they like it, and how to proactively solve problems, such as dinner, homework, and grouchiness.  Children who are motivated (because they want to be in the show) can be great at keeping YOU on track and happy, by helping with a wide variety of things – ask them how they will be helping YOU get THEM to rehearsal.

Problem 4) Overeating

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  1. Same here!!! Do not enjoy those Holiday Parties!!!

    We owned a drug store, and every year, had to have one. For employees and for lots of people. I was so glad, when we no longer had to do that!!!! (One of our sons, also a pharmacist, took over!)

    Do not fill the house with cookies or such calorie laden things, either. -smile-



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