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Hello beautiful homemakers! My new YouTube channel is called Beautiful Homemaking.

I hope you will consider subscribing, as I need 1,000 subscribers before any video gets any traction or recommendation to others looking for encouragement. That’s going to take me quite awhile! Thank you!  I appreciate it so much!

To subscribe, hit the button on the lower left hand side of the video below that says “Watch on YouTube,” and then hit the subscribe button, and the little bell to receive notifications of when I post. Subscribing really helps me out. 

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When Queens Ride By is an uplifting short story about a tired, worn-out woman (Jenny Musgrave) who is visited by a beautiful woman in grey who tells her own story and a story about a Queen, which helps change the trajectory of Jenny’s life, and was written by Agnes Sligh Turnbull in 1926.

It’s a story that comes more alive when read aloud. My son encouraged me to read this story and put it on YT (he edited it and helped me learn the ropes!). I know most of you have heard it before, but I wanted to let you know about my new channel. I’ve put a few pictures to the story, but there is really nothing to watch. Be encouraged as you work around your home while listening. Do your dishes, declutter, or make dinner as you listen to Jenny’s epiphany.

The first recommendation to others to listen to this story on YT is from DeNiece and is here: Organized Homemakers for Christ. She brought tears to my eyes, she was so sweet in her praise! Thank you, DeNiece!


 The fabulous book "Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood" begins here:

And the ORIGINAL 1922 Fascinating Womanhood pamphlets, which I have been tracking for several years to see if what they teach in these pamphlets is true or not, and if the principles still apply to today (many of them do!), begins here:

Lydia Sherman over at had just mentioned this story when I noticed it on my shelf, so I read it to all of us. I think it was Helen Andelin who mentioned that Mary in this story, embodies the characteristics of a fascinating woman. I hope it blesses you!

 The video below is a delightful and stirring sermon that Lydia Sherman asked me to read. Listen while you work around your home. This sermon is just as applicable today as when it was written about 80 years ago. In fact, it’s even more applicable, because today we can see the chaos and devastation around us that Peter Marshall warned his congregation about.

Peter was known for his passionate preaching and deep conviction, as well as his picturesque speech. In this sermon he warns Americans of the tragic outcome of women abandoning their responsibilities, and shows the true greatness and potential of womanhood. I hope you are blessed by his words about motherhood and are spurred to action!


The Bettina series meal planning and stories begin in JUNE. Listen while you work around the house! Bettina, homemaker extraordinaire from 1917 shares her tips with her husband Bob and her friends in the book "A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband" by Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles Lecron. This entertaining cookbook was meant to encourage new homemakers and novice cooks.

The Bangles storybook for children (10 videos) begins here:

Grace Livingston Hill short stories begin with this video:



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