Our Year of NO

We dropped out of everything in order to clear our heads, revive our bodies, refresh our spirits and decide on what really mattered.

A. Sarnoff
No sports.
No extra classes.
No seminars.
No weekly school groups.
No monthly homeschool meetings.
No extra teaching.
No monthly field trips.
No monthly park days.
No library club.

We stopped everything except seeing my parents once a week.  We said no to everything except birthday parties and scheduled play dates.  We said no to most potlucks and most Christmas parties.

We slept in in the mornings, awakening when our bodies told us to, and never set an alarm.  What a difference that made!  We all awoke at different times, but everyone was well rested.  We all decided that getting ready for bed would be at 9:00, storytime at 9:15, and lights out at 10:00.

We began our school day at 11:00, and ended by 4:00.  This meant we had our mornings for: chores (a clean house!), decluttering, walks, dentist appts, haircuts, errands, laundry, and grocery shopping on Thursdays.

My husband and son focused on the outside of our home, and I did the KonMari method inside. 
Eloise Wilkin

We read A LOT.  

We had time for our neighbors.

We had time for phone calls.

We had time for visits.

We had a few people over.

We had unrushed, day dreaming time.

We read and rested on our backyard swing.

We walked and got to know new neighbors. 

We got things DONE.

I did keep my monthly homeschooling moms book group that meets in my home, because it is enjoyable and not stressful.

Last summer we attended 2 VBS's that we really enjoyed, but not the usual 4.  This summer we only attended one.

The year is now up.  We are refreshed!  Now we are deciding on what to add back - what we missed and want to continue. 

The only thing I really missed was teaching Sunday School, and I would like to add that back in.  I will probably add in a few more field trips during the next year as well.

I don't think my husband and son want to add anything back in!

I am at the final stage of the KonMari Method - Sentimental Items.  (I will do a separate post on this method later.)  

My husband and son still have lots of outdoor projects to continue.
If you are overwhelmed with life, I highly recommend that you stay at home.

I just read a delightful post over at The Legacy of Homecalled "The House Comes First."  I highly recommend it, and agree with what she says. 

When we put our family, homes and neighbors above extracurricular activities, we make our homes a happy place and fill our lives with joy!

I value this delicious home feeling as one of the choicest gifts a parent can bestow.  ~Washington Irving


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