A Home Improvements Checklist

Eloise Wilkin We Help Daddy
Whether you are selling your home or just need to look at your home with new eyes, here is a checklist I compiled from improving my own fixer-upper.
 Home Improvements Checklist

¨    Front door should be repainted every one or two years at most (unless it is stained wood kept in great condition)
 ¨    Add outside shutters or decorative trim
¨    Update or repaint garage door
¨    Wallpaper should be in good condition or remove it
¨    Repair nail holes, cracks, stains or repaint
¨    No leaking faucets; update faucets and fixtures that are tarnished, worn, ugly or outdated
¨    Fix broken shower doors or toilets (includes stains and hinges for toilet seats)
¨    Fix bathtub if worn, chipped or damaged; fix caulking
¨    Replace any bathroom carpet or worn linoleum with water-resistant flooring
¨    Fix creaky doors, drawers, and windows
¨    Light fixtures should be pretty and work well
¨    Paint or replace trim and baseboards if necessary
¨    Replace sagging shelving
¨    Organize closets with labeled bins, updated hangers
¨    Repaint outside and/or inside; repair walls first
¨    Beautify the front door - update doorbells, house numbers, door knockers, mailbox, kickplates, porch light - all should appear new and not tarnished - coordinate them if possible
¨    If your locks stick - fix them!
¨    Keep gutters and downspouts clean
¨    Repair floors that are worn or damaged
¨    Fix or change damaged countertops, range hoods, tile, faucets, cupboard hardware and hinges, exhaust fans, and appliances
¨    Have adequate lighting in all work areas, and reading areas
¨    Make work areas, such as the laundry room, airy and beautiful by repainting, having baskets, bins, flowers, pictures that make the area a pleasing place to work in
¨    Fix walkways, patio stones, fences, hardware, and windows
¨    Weed and mulch gardens
¨    Toss worn towels, hand towels, washrags, and bedding; replace with ones you love
¨    Put in 3 way lightbulbs
¨    If beds don't have headboards, buy them - otherwise walls get very dirty
¨    Clean dirty walls easily with a Magic Eraser
¨    Declutter, declutter, declutter!
¨    Clean, clean, clean!

Eloise Wilkin
E. Wilkin


  1. One of my favorite books! I read it to our five children regularly, and then encouraged Daddy to let them help. Now all adults they are great at fixing things and all know how to use tools. Thanks for stopping by my blog too. You're the kind of woman I wish was my neighbor! Blessings!

  2. Yes, I love all of these old Little Golden Books, esp those by the Wilkins. Thanks for the sweet comment!

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