FW5.6 What to Look For When New Clothes Shopping

 Hello, Beautiful Homemakers! 

In the video I begin by answering the question, "What if my best color is BROWN?" and I end with a comment from listener Marianne.

I also mention what will help keep your clothes and shoes smelling fresh after you've worn them, when they aren't dirty enough yet to be washed, by spritzing them with the cheapest ________ that you put into a spray bottle.

HUES are main colors, such as primary colors (Red, Blue, Yellow) that you get without mixing in any white or black.

TINTS have white added to the hue color.

TONES have gray added to the hue color.

SHADES have black added to the hue color.

I discuss how grouping your clothes by color on your bed makes it easier to see the different tints, tones, and shades of your clothing colors.  Does one stand out as not matching the rest?

When I did this, I immediately noticed that the shirt second from the left on the first row did not match with all of my other purples.  It was the only shirt that had black mixed into it, instead of white.  I've owned the shirt for years but rarely wore it because I didn't feel comfortable in it.  It was a comfortable shirt in that it was soft, but I didn't feel "comfortable" or "confident" in it.  Doing this exercise made me realize why.  It is the wrong shade for my skin tone!

I discuss color swatches, and this is the cheat sheet that I have on the back of my swatches:

  • My inseam numbers
  • What to avoid (for me it's crewnecks, squarenecks, clinging tops, boat neckline)
  • Make sure my clothes aren't too tight or too loose
  • My best shoe color is to match my hair color
  • No more sleeveless tops or dresses!
  • No more pockets on shirts!
  • No more crew necks! 
  • No belts!

For me, I need to remember to have:

  • flowy tops that skim over my tummy and has movement
  • v-necks are best. Cowl, oval, or sweetheart necklines are fine, too
  • buttons down the front
  • 3/4" sleeves are ideal
  • A-line dresses
  • pants with a wide band to help smooth belly
  • same color pants and top with a different colored cardigan will create an inner column effect
  • jacket should never hit at my waist - it would make me look thicker around the middle
  • dresses should hit my knees, or at the "diamond" opening or above ankles - never at my calves
  • shirts and jackets should cover the fullest part of my body
  • accessorize at my neckline
  • make sure patterns in blouse minimize, and don't maximize (medium sized-patterns)
  • background color in shirt should match pants color 
  • Straight-cut pants
  • Wear tops that define my waist at it's smallest point
  • Since I am almost 5'7" I should wear medium jewelry and a medium handbag
  • Warm pastels should never be worn close to my face.  Cool pastels are okay, but bright colors are look better on me

 Put a cheat sheet for yourself on your phone or on the back of your swatches!

Questions to ask yourself before buying a new garment:

  • Do I already own a variation of this garment? Or does it fill a gap in my wardrobe?
  • Is it for my everyday real life, or is it for my fantasy self?
  • How many times will I be able to wear this before I get bored with it?
  • Is it too memorable? Does it stand out and I will only want to wear it once?
  • Is it for a one-time use (a party dress/bridesmaid dress, etc.)?
  • Give it the sniff test - does it stink?
  • If there are stripes, do they match up at the arms?  Will the pattern drive others crazy when they look at you?
  • Are there buttons in awkward places?
  • Is it timeless? Or trendy?
  • Will it wash well? Or do I have to get it dry-cleaned?
  • Do I feel amazing and beautiful in it?
  • Does it need tailoring?
  • Is it too expensive for my budget?  Or too cheap and won't wear or wash well in the long run?
  • Do I look good from the side in it?
  • Does it make me look feminine? Or masculine?
  • Is it my color? My hue/tint/tone/shade?
  • Do I have a skirt, pants, or a blouse to go with it?
  • Is it too snug or too loose?
  • Do the zippers work well?
  • Do the buttons look too cheap? (If so, can you replace them with mother of pearl or other unique, upgraded buttons?  What a quick and easy fix to upgrade your look!)
  • LOOK AT THE STITCHING - are there missed stitches? Uneven stitching?  Is there a reason this fabulous piece is offered at such a low price?

 [Also, and I didn't say this on the video, but if you find a beautiful dressy dress that you love and it fits well but you don't know where you will wear it, it is FINE to buy it IF you can afford it.  I bought a dress several years ago just in case I was invited to a dinner party, because I dislike the "rush" of having to find a fancy party dress. And guess what? My DAR chapter is celebrating its Centennial and I already have the perfect dress to wear to the shindig thanks to my pre-planning.]

Now get to work creating YOUR OWN cheat sheet!  You might not have all the answers yet about what looks good on you, but take your cheat sheet into the dressing room and answer the above questions for you.

The only way to look more attractive is with trial and error!  So you make a few mistakes, big deal!  Bless someone else with your mistakes and move on.  Try again.  

Make a pattern of buying: If you have gaps to fill, go weekly to one store until you fill in those gaps.  Put it on the calendar.  The only way to change is to TRY.  If it doesn't work when you get it home, then you will take it back the next week.  You are not in a rush!  You are looking for the pieces that look best on you.  Shop as early in the morning as you can, preferably when the store opens, if you don't love crowds.  Buy a few new pieces, and then go again when the seasons change.

Put aside small amounts of money for this purpose and then you won't feel guilty about spending money on yourself.  If you are already married, ASK your DH for his permission if you can't help but feel guilty.  I'll bet his answer will surprise you, because he will be thrilled that you asked him!  Listen to this video to learn the surprising benefits of asking him.

In the first video, I also go over a few weight-loss tips, and mention that in addition to walking I am using the arm exercises that are best for my body type found in the book NAKED FITNESS.  I haven't finished the book because I am focused on the first half of the book doing the strengthening exercises right now, so I can't tell you if I recommend it or not yet.

Remember, the most important thing, even before COLOR and FIT, is:  Is it FEMININE?

May God bless you as you seek to be your most attractive self.



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  1. I also had a sweater in a shade of purple that i never felt quite comfortable in. I loved the feel and and the style of the sweater, but eventually realized that the tone didn't compliment my skin color. I finally decided to bless someone else with it, as you say. Lots of good info in this blog. Thank you.


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