Organized Women Do THIS in APRIL!

Easter Sunday by A. Sarnoff
God has given women a natural nesting instinct, and the number one item for April is always Spring Cleaning (unless you are in Australia, and then it is autumn cleaning). We all get this innate urge two to four times a year. It can be a little freshening such as washing curtains, or it can be a complete room by room cleaning. I’ve written the ultimate A Welcome Home Checklist, and you can access it here.

The second big TO DO in April is to prepare your heart and home for Easter. Sometimes it occurs in March and so I began a list of tips in last month’s post here. I talked about cookies, books, crafts, treasure hunts, decorating, and devotionals. I’ve got just a little more to add.

A great way to make Easter a special holyday for your family and friends is by using the Hymns for a Kid’s Heart (affiliated link). Volume 4 focuses on Easter. It makes a great countdown devotional. The book is fantastic and you will love the accompanying hymns that present the Gospel message in song. Have children re-enact Palm Sunday (found in John chapter 12).

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  1. Love this post!
    Thank you for the ideas, and the cozy feeling of home here.
    Have a lovely evening. : )

  2. Thank you, Billie Jo! I appreciate your comment. I love how your blog is so filled with photos!


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