Once I left work to stay home with my baby, none of my clothes fit.  No more cute suits.  No sleep, therefore no many know what I mean.

But a few years ago I met a beautiful woman at my new homeschooling group.  She has a positive attitude, gracious spirit, and an obvious love of her darling husband (DH), but she also dressed cute and stylish.  I, was trying to cover up, spend no money on myself (now living on one income), and dress modestly. 

With Christmas money I went to a fairly expensive chain store.  My money didn't go far but I matched and felt good - navy pants, top & lace overshirt.  I asked my DH how he liked it and he replied, "Nice, but not very sexy."

SEXY?  I'm not trying to be sexy!  I'm going about in the world trying to dress nice and modestly!

But then it hit me - I had lost my ideal - to be sexy for my darling husband.  My beautiful friend was wearing clothes that pleased her husband.  She dressed for him. 

Let's Eat Out by Elvgren
I was finding the modest/sexy dichotomy difficult.  As a mom and a Christian, I wanted to be "angelic."  Not worldly and caught up in fashions.  But MY modest dress was too unbecoming.

As a wife, especially when at home, I needed to be attractive to my husband.  I rarely left the home without make-up, but I'd be a mess until 3:00 pm with all the chores and homeschooling to be done.  I really needed to do better with caring for myself first thing in the morning.  It's cold on winter mornings, so if I wanted to stay in PJs until noon, they needed to be darling pajamas, and/or PJs I could open the door while wearing.

The picture I chose for my blog represents me well.  A brunette pouting that my cooking skills aren't yet up to par (but trying!).  An attractive but fairly modest dress, looking kinda sexy for hubby. I found a pretty undergarment line that matches my personality.  I was horrified at the name, Jezebel, but I love how they make me look. 

My husband  is glad that I am no longer hiding from him, but dressing FOR him.  And as an added plus, I have found that I am more motivated to eat better!

Looking good IS a big part of learning how to "keep house!"


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