Morning Prayers

We have so much FREEDOM in Christ that we are often very lax in our prayers.  When I see the rigidity of other religions I am reminded of two things:

1) We are FREE in Christ - free to worship at any time, anywhere (not to mention freedom from our sins); and  2) We sometimes abuse this freedom.

We end up not praying regularly or with solemnity, or deeply.  We can jot off a "Help me, Lord" in the car, or in the bathroom.  Other religions may find such familiarity disrespectful.

But since we are FREE in Christ to pray anywhere - and prayer in secret is encouraged - we often forget to bow down before our Lord!  We forget the power of praying ALOUD to our Father.

I know that 60 years ago it was still common for a mother and child to kneel in prayer at bedtime.  What happened?

My New Year's Resolution is more intimate, respectful, worshipful prayer, first thing in the morning, out loud.

This year, we can all set the example for our children by bowing down before God, and standing up and raising our hands to Him, in our home, in the morning, not in a haphazard manner, but with real respect and awe, like the prophets of old.

To help get our lives in order, and get our priorities straight, prayer should be the first thing we do every morning.  Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God..... May God bless you in this New Year!


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