Better Grocery Shopping

We cut 60% from our grocery and eating out budget when I quit working. 

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Sorry! This post was so outdated that I removed it.  An updated and greatly expanded version appears in my book How to Thrive on One Income.    


  1. I tried many of your tips - the coupons by month saved me so much time! Now I don't feel overwhelmed. I did the big shopping trip after pay day and bought only FOOD. (Tip #8) I went home with plenty to eat, then re-evaluated my nonfood needs with my coupons for the month & my $ left over. It worked! I got everything we NEEDED for this month without going over! Yippee! Now I am doing Tip #9. I am also going to try Tip 11 & 14. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for letting me know! I was afraid no one would believe me or think it was too time-consuming. Tip #8 really does help save a huge chunk of money. I live by #9 (well, all of them!). Good for you for IMPLEMENTING and not just reading!


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